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Pairing: Harold Finch/John Reese
Alternative name(s): Rinch
Gender category: slash
Fandom: Person of Interest
Canonical?: non-canon
Prevalence: fandom OTP, common
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Finch/Reese is the main pairing in Person of Interest fandom. It's not uncommon for people to refer to the two characters as two halves of Batman: the billionaire genius who figures things out in his lair, and the vigilante roaming the streets kneecapping bad guys as he goes.[1] [2] [3] Much like Batman, both Harold Finch and John Reese are clams.

Canonically, they're in almost constant communication via earbud, and Reese's husky low voice seems to be flirting with Finch more often than not. Reese regularly brings Finch tea and doughnuts, and brought him a dog to protect him when Reese isn't around. Finch has given Reese his life back, along with a job and an apartment. They spend at least some of their free time together.

Both our guys are essentially 'dead' to the world at large. They are the only two who know about Finch's 'numbers' and how to deal with them. They are a society of two. For this reason it seems logical that over time they would become closer. -AKMars on "Why Rinch is a Ship of Choice" at the Person of Interest Discussion Forum.[4]


Finch/Reese has been the juggernaut pairing since the start of the show.[5] The first Finch/Reese fic on the AO3 was x_art's The Man He Was Meant To Be, an episode tag to episode 1x3, "Mission Creep," and the first POI fic on FFN, Hope2spy's Trust, reads as at least pre-slash. However, the show's fandom (and consequently the pairing) was fairly small overall through season one.

Season 2 saw a significant increase in fannish interest, and some BNFs who got into the pairing at that time gave it an additional boost. astolat, already a popular writer in medium-to-large fandoms like American Idol RPF and Supernatural, wrote her first Finch/Reese story mid-season 2;[6] leupagus, popular in the Hawaii Five-0 and Star Trek AOS fandoms, wrote their first Finch/Reese story two months later.[7]

Despite the lack of crack or magic in the canon, the fandom has embraced both, producing transformation, mpreg, tentacles, omega verse, sex pollen, and more. It also produces works more in-line with canon, casefic and episode tags and canon-divergent AUs.

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