Gozen Reiji Minami no Tou de

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Title: Before Midnight at South Tower[1]
Gozen Reiji Minami no Tou de[2]
Circle: Sumomonoki (すももの木)
Doujinka: Momo Sumomo (すもももも)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 28 December 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5, 38 pages[3]
Language: Japanese
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Gozen Reiji Minami no Tou de (午前零時南の塔で, Before Midnight at South Tower) is a Harry Potter doujinshi. It is Ron/Hermione and is set at Hogwarts.

Summary: Ron and Hermione argue over the Yule Ball and Harry finds a very sentimental item from the past.

Thoughts: It's always emotional to come across something left behind by a deceased loved one, and Harry's parents are no exception. While playing Quiddich he flies across a small tower and stops to rest. There he sees a special mark on a stone. After playing with his wand, this mark reveals his parent's names. This greatly saddens the orphaned young wizard, but it also works as a sort of therapy, and he leaves with new hope. In another story, Ron recalls the fight he had with Hermione over the fact that he was too much of a coward to ask her to the dance. They become so loud that they bother Harry and leave to get some privacy. They talk for awhile until Harry shows up with his invisibility cloak, to keep them all from being caught.[2]


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