Golden Kamuy

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Name: Golden Kamuy
Abbreviation(s): KinKamu, GK
Creator: Satoru Noda
Date(s): 2014-2022 (manga), 2018-? (anime)
Medium: Manga, Anime
Country of Origin: Japan
External Links: Wikipedia
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Golden Kamuy is a manga centered around the search for a hidden cache of gold. The cast is mostly adult men, and the series is noted for its embrace of homoerotic scenes.


Golden Kamuy is often praised for its depictions of the Ainu, one of Japan's indigenous peoples, who are rarely depicted in popular media. It's been criticized for its depiction of a trans character, which has drawn unflattering comparisons to scenes from Silence of the Lambs,[1] and occasionally for the depiction of its only explicit canon gay couple. There has also been criticism of the 7th Division and their embrace by the fandom, which has led to widespread usage in fanart of iconography symbolizing Japanese imperialism, such as the Rising Sun flag.

The anime adaptation also faced criticism for substandard animation.

Some popular ships include Ogata/Sugimoto, Ogata/Yuusaku, Tsukishima/Koito, and Tsurumi Tokushirou with any or multiple of his followers. The AO3 section has a large percentage of Chinese works, which are partially responsible for Ogata/Yuusaku placing second overall on the top 10 list.

Ship involving Asirpa are frowned upon in English-language fandom due to her age, and there has been tension over fanworks shipping her with the cast's adult men, usually Sugimoto. There has also been tension over the popularity of Ogata/Yuusaku, as the characters are half-brothers. Ships involving Tsurumi and his underlings face much less criticism and are even somewhat popular in English spaces, despite Tsurumi's manipulative behavior that in more than one case crosses the line into child grooming.



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