Gobber the Belch

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Name: Gobber the Belch
Occupation: Blacksmith
Relationships: Grump(dragon)
Fandom: How to Train Your Dragon
Other: Voiced by Craig Ferguson
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Canon Background

Gobber, aged 55 at the time of HTTYD2, is Berk's blacksmith. In the first film, Gobber forges weapons and the like to assist in the war on dragons, and is mentor to Hiccup. By the second, however, he builds saddles and accessories for the aforementioned saddles and even does dragon dentistry. He is also the right hand man and best friend of Stoick the Vast. Sometime between the first and second films, Gobber acquired a Hotburple named Grump, possibly the laziest dragon this side of the archipelago. He later acquired Gobber's Nemesis.



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