Eret, Son of Eret

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Name: Eret, Son of Eret
Occupation: Dragon trapper
Relationships: Eret (father);
Drago Bludvist (ally turned enemy);
Skullcrusher (dragon/ally/friend)
Fandom: How to Train Your Dragon
Other: Voiced by Kit Harington.
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Eret, Son of Eret is a character from the How to Train Your Dragon series, first appearing in the second film.

Canon Background

Little is known about Eret's past other than that at some point prior to the events of the second movie, he started to work as a trapper for Drago Bludvist. Eret was loyal to Drago until it became clear that Drago really didn't actually care about what happened him, so he joined the Berkians' side against Drago. At the end of the second movie, Eret was given Skullcrusher, Stoick's former dragon, by Hiccup.


As of September 2014, three months after the second film's premiere, Eret is still pretty rare in the fandom fanworks.[1] He is mainly shipped with Ruffnut and Hiccup, and is usually in a gen pairing with Astrid.


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