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Synonyms: g!p, Girl Penis
Related: boypussy
See Also: Genderfuck, Transfic, Fempreg
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Girlpeen is a term that originated in Glee fandom for AU fanfic in which a female character has a penis. The trope has spread to other fandoms as well, most notably The 100.

This trope is different from genderswap, always-a-boy, and transfic in that the g!p character is presented as a cisgender woman who just happens to have a penis. However, many fans still view the girlpeen trope as offensive fetishizing of trans women:

if you get off to G!P works and wouldn’t be willing or capable of dating and wholly loving trans women and intersex women, then you’re 100% fetishizing us, and are going to remain deeply transmisogynistic and intersexist until that changes. Don’t put us in your F/F stories, or read those stories, unless you’d be happy to get into romantic relationships with us. Don’t use fantasies of us for sex unless you’d be happy to have sex with us. It’s literally that simple. We’re worth more than being fetishists’ disposable sex toys. We deserve to be humanized, because we’re real human fucking beings.

Not that I’d particularly trust anyone who reads/writes g!p works to be safe for trans and intersex women to date, but it’d at least be a start to cutting down on how fetishized we are.[1]

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