Gentleman's Agreement (Alex Rider story)

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Title: Gentleman's Agreement
Author(s): Valaks
Date(s): 21 July 2020
Length: 5,222 words
Genre(s): gen
Fandom(s): Alex Rider
External Links: Gentleman's Agreement (AO3)

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Gentleman's Agreement is an Alex Rider story by Valaks.


In the year and a half since his supposed death Yassen Gregorovich had been a busy man. Unfortunately, Alex Rider had been busy too. They had a gentleman’s agreement for handling their business in the field but this was different. The teen had gone to the trouble of finding him, determining his target, and the ideal location of the hit. It would be a shame to waste that kind of effort, besides he needed to know how he had done it when his employers hadn’t. He would go to Alex’s meeting and then he would get his answers. Or: Alex Rider needs an adult. For just a few minutes. And they can’t be affiliated with MI6. Unfortunately there’s only one person left in his life that matches that description.

Other stories in this universe include Turncoat, Twelve Hours, Specific Performance (slash) and One Year (slash).

Recs and Reviews

Crack taken seriously that kicks of a surprisingly wholesome Yassen-Alex interaction. What can I say; I’m a sucker for an adult character stepping in and looking out for Alex! Teen, complete. Takes place post-Scorpia Rising, not compliant with Never Say Die.[1]

A Few Bulbs Short of a Tanning Bed

Gentleman’s Agreement: This fic is so good it’s now building its own small following of GA-verse fics (another rec for another time). Set in a semi-canon compliant world in which Alex still works for MI6 but is on his own, Yassen survived Air Force One, and they develop a “gentleman’s agreement” for when they encounter one another in the field. Only then Alex hunts Yassen down to ask him a favor. This fic explores a possibility which isn’t that far-fetched: what would Alex and Yassen do if they kept encountering one another in the field? And it has it all - humor; suspense; the mildest of angst; a tantalising ending leaving you wondering what happens next. We especially love this fic for the way it completely nails the tone of both Alex and Yassen. It also has a wonderful prequel in the shape of Turncoat.[2]

Alex Rider Fanfic Recs

Yassen and Alex have a “gentleman’s agreement” for handling their business in the field. No one ever said anything about parent-teacher conferences. Claims to be gen, but deserves a place on this [Yassen/Alex] list for subtle genius alone, because with lines like “Like a fine wine, Alex Rider was improving with age” and “How interesting that Alex Rider would be that interested in his hands”, what are we supposed to think….? UST in all caps is the best description.[3]

Alex Rider Ship Week


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