Specific Performance

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Title: Specific Performance
Author(s): BurntWhisper
Date(s): 29 October 2020
Length: 8,925 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Specific Performance (AO3)

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Specific Performance is an Alex Rider story by BurntWhisper. It is Yassen/Alex slash set in the Gentleman's Agreement 'verse.


The mutual agreement not to kill one another works just fine. Until it doesn't. Scorpia decides that Alex Rider has become too much of an inconvenience, and sends Yassen Gregorovich to sort the problem out. Faced with two conflicting contracts, Yassen decides which takes priority. But not without Alex demanding recompense.

Recs and Reviews

It is inevitable that the powers that be realize that Yassen and Alex are really not down with killing each other. And that Alex would become enough of a threat that Yassen would eventually be sent to take him out. It’s interesting to see how over the years their dynamic has changed. Amazing addition to this ‘verse that’s the launchpad for BurntWhisper’s next story—One Year. I’d recommend reading the first three entries in the Gentleman’s Agreement list before starting on this, as it’ll make more sense that way! Explicit, complete. Alex is twenty-four in this story.[1]


Alex is a good spy, good enough that SCORPIA has tasked Yassen with killing him. Yassen can’t do that but he can give Alex a very…enthusiastic going away present even Alex hasn’t been a very good boy. It’s a fun look at Alex and Yassen’s first fling with callbacks to the original gen fic. That hits every perfect note and hits a few other things too.[2]

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