Gendry Waters

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Name: Gendry Waters
Occupation: Blacksmith's Apprentice
Relationships: Robert Baratheon (father)
Fandom: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire
Other: played by Joe Dempsie
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Gendry Waters, also simply known as Gendry, is a fictional character from A Song of Ice and Fire, and is played by Joe Dempsie on the HBO television series Game of Thrones.



Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Modern AU: modern setting where he knows or meets other characters from the series
  • High School AU and College AU: common because of his relative age
  • Time Skip Fic: Gendry was missing for several seasons on the television series, some writers try to fill the blanks of that time
  • Gendry as Legitimate: exploring what Gendry's life would have been like if he had been the legitimate son of Robert Baratheon, or acknowledged by his father
  • Futurefic: sometimes he is a skilled blacksmith that works with valyrian steel, or he is rewarded with land or a title, or he is married with children
  • Supporting Character: often a featured secondary character, especially in stories focused on Arya or the Brotherhood Without Banners

Gendry Still Rowing Meme

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Gendry's absence from the television series for several seasons inspired the creation of a popular meme.


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