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You may be looking for Games of Chance, a K/S story by Karla Kelly.

K/S Fanfiction
Title: Game of Chance
Author(s): Frankie Jemison
Date(s): 1978
Genre: slash, though the sexual attraction between Kirk and Spock is imposed from within by aliens
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Game of Chance is a K/S story by Frankie Jemison.

It was published in The Other Side of Paradise #3.

Reactions and Reviews

In various articles written about the beginnings of K/S, some Gen zines are mentioned as presenting early K/S stories. I've read most of these zines, and I've concluded that the only real K/S story is in The Other Side of Paradise #3, Part 2. This zine is a popular gen zine that, for its third issue in 1978, divided into two parts: The Other Side and Paradise. The first part features adult material, and the most significant story is "Game of Chance." In it, the sexual attraction between Kirk and Spock is imposed from without by aliens [1]
Overly intelligent beings run an experiment/wager on Kirk (seen as a non-intelligence and therefore fair game for their games), changing his nature so that Spock is now the sole object of his obsessive desire. This produces much breast-beating among Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. With consummation, Kirk and Spock are semi-bonded, but Spock eventually manages to undo most of the changes, returning Kirk to his former self, but with memories of their forbidden love intact. [2]
‘Game of Chance’ by Frankie Jemison is a psychological expose detailing what happens when an alien race changes Jim Kirk’s sexuality. Please note: NOT ORGANICALLY. The person he is drawn to is his first officer. McCoy must put everyone back together again. [3]
The third story is, unfortunately, the WORST K/S story I have ever read. Quite surprising, considering the source. Not only are the premise and characterizations totally invalid, but it is also not very well done. Almost any premise can be at least slightly believable if it is written well. [4]


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