Gallifrey Awards

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Name: Gallifrey Awards
Date(s): 2007-2008
Frequency: annual
Type: vidding
Associated Community:
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: website, LJ community
Award banner
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The Gallifrey Awards are Doctor Who Fan Video awards for vids featuring the Ninth and Tenth Doctor. The awards were born of an idea jagwriter78 and rhoboat had trying to compare categories to the Farscape Shelly Awards, which phoenix has been running since 2005. Winners receive a customized graphic.


A partial list of awards is listed below. The entire list can be found here.

Bad Wolf › Favourite Vid for 2007

  1. Touched by humansrsuperior
  2. New Dawn Fades by obsessive24
  3. I Don't Have Anything by jagwriter78
  4. You Can't Stop the Beat! by micewerefurious

Blink› Vids under 3 minutes in length, not including credits or intro/exit clips › Mutually exclusive from Time Crash

  1. Tabula Rasa by hollywoodgrrl
  2. Dark Doctor by seduff
  3. Don't Blink by HumansRSuperior
  4. Ouroboros by hollywoodgrrl
  5. Mother Flippin' by Fahrbot Drusilla
  6. Bring me all the Children by thebest0fbothworlds
  7. Tainted Love by boulettesud
example of a winner's graphic from 2008

Boom Town › Theme: Action

  1. Jack is Back by jagwriter78
  2. Scattered by Di
  3. The Bells by croc_rocketfan
  4. Doctor v Master--Take me out by bagpipebanshee
  5. Paint It Black by 8bulletproof8
  6. Get out Alive by metztlimoon - Sam

The Doctor Dances › Advert / Recruitment / Trailer

  1. Into the Vortex by HumansRSuperior
  2. The Return of Rose Tyler Extended by seduff
  3. Scattered by Di

Doomsday › Theme: Tragedy › Mutually exclusive from The Idiot's Lantern

  1. Scattered by Di
  2. Touched by humansrsuperior
  3. I Will Remember You by raspberry_splat
  4. I Don't Have Anything by jagwriter78
  5. My Happy Ending by Jo Hague

The End of the World › Theme: Drama › Mutually exclusive from The Idiot's Lantern

  1. Sing for Absolution by HumansRSuperior
  2. Parting Ways by prodigi249
  3. A Rose by Any Name by bookowl

The Shakespeare Code › Best vidder for 2007

  1. humansrsuperior
  2. jagwriter78
  3. hollywoodgrrl


A list of the 2008 winners can be found here.


While vids were nominated in 2009 and some voting took place, it is not clear is any winners were announced.