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Name: fyeahsportsanime
Date(s): May 2014-
Type: gifs, graphics
Fandom: Sports Anime, Multifandom Anime
URL: http://fyeahsportsanime.tumblr.com/
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FYeahSportsAnime is a tumblr blog created in May 2014. It is a sports anime blog that posts and reblogs gifs and graphics.

The blog does not accept submissions, but the mods check the #fyeahsportsanime tag to pick the ones to reblog.

A blog dedicated to many different kinds of sports anime. We both reblog and make our own edits from a variety of different anime like Haikyuu!! and Free!

From the blog's about page:

FYSportsAnime! is a sports anime dedicated blog. It opened on 16/05/2014 which was coincidentally the birthday of Seirin’s megane-wearing captain with anger management issues, Hyuuga Junpei. We make gifs and graphics and you can find all of them in our edits page. [1]


From the blog's about page:


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