Found (poem)

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Title: Found
Creator: linabean
Date(s): 28 Dec 2008
Medium: poem
Fandom: SGA
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Found is a meta poem by linabean made up from lines taken from the sgastoryfinders community. linabean also wrote a follow-up, "Searching." For a time, they were highly popular within the SGA LJ community.

Many readers interpreted the work as celebrating the common tropes and distinctive craziness of SGA fanfiction. Alternatively, however, the work could be interpreted as criticizing a fannish preference for "crack" and melodrama featuring two white male characters over broader engagement with canon, including prominently featured characters of color and female characters.[1]

Fan Reactions/Reviews

thefourthvine in 2009:

They capture everything that's fabulous about the communities. (The desperate tone! The pleas for help! The one where McKay is turned into a puppy with many exclamation points, like this: !!!) And they also capture an awful lot of the essence of SGA fandom. And then they create something entirely new, all in themselves - I mean, these are really awesome poems.[2]

fail_fandomanon in 2014:

This week I was home sick and went on a nostalgia binge through fandoms from the 00s. A lot of it was locked or purged or just gone, including, mega ironicaly, the found poetry that linabean made out of sga_storyfinders prompts. It's been a year full of IRL losses and when I finally found the poem (transcribed from a podfic) it was unexpectedly profound.[3]

Related Fanworks

"Found" inspired other fans. In 2009, callowyn wrote a Merlin version based on merlin_finders posts.[4] In 2010, travels-in-time made a version from posts to dsficfinders.[5] In 2012, missyjack posted a Supernatural version, based on spnstoryfinders.[6] In 2011, bironic created another SGA found poem based on lines from stories and credited linabean.[7]

In early 2009 Rhea314 made a podfic of the poem and its sequel.[8][9] anatsuno also podficced "Searching" a few weeks later.[10]


Mckay Falls down I think it is a hill
Rodney is lying unconscious
on the kitchenfloor.
he is put in the brig.
it features a Rodney who becomes an amnesiac
The only bit I remember
is a scene in the infirmary

I'm almost sure
I didn't imagine it.
I know it's out there
I'm looking for a story