Fire and Ice (Ron/Draco archive)

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Name: Fire and Ice
Date(s): July 2004 - present
Archivist: Jux
Founder: Jux
Type: Ron/Draco fanfic and fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: LiveJournal community
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Fire and Ice is a Ron/Draco archive. It was created by Jux on July 3, 2004, and could previously be found at

As of December 2011, there are about 400 stories and about 200 works of fanart.


Fire and Ice archived fanfiction and fanart, including banners, icons, wallpapers, and fanmixes.

It also hosted fic and art challenges (such as a round robin and an epilogue challenge), had a list of Ron/Draco recs, and provided links to a number of Harry Potter and Ron/Draco-related fansites, communities, and other resources.