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Fanlore Project
Project Lead(s): Patchlamb
Topics: Art Roleplay Games, ARPGs
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What is FanloreProject:ArtRoleplayGames?

Welcome to Fanlore Project: Art Roleplay Games! This is a project dedicated to all those little communities scrounged up online based around the world building of some denizen or other. These communities are essentially their own little fandoms. Keep reading to learn more about how you can help with this project. You can also create separate pages for original species, though the main focus here are the ARPGs.

History of the Project

This project page was created by Patchlamb on Feb 28, 2020. However, the project was started much earlier in the month on her user page. Before it became a project Patchlamb created the Fawnling page out of passion for the community. Intrigued by just how much player-lore there was to write on, she began making more pages for other ARPGs until she decided to make it one of her focuses on Fanlore.


Sample Pages

Some Guidelines

Create stubs with reckless abandon, but please list them below under "stubs."

What is an ARPG

If you want to contribute to this project there are a few guidelines to keep in mind, as not every subject may need a page.

  • An ARPG must have some element of art creation (written or visual) as the basis for its character building. This can involve drawing/writing that earns points, currency, or items to a character/user. Without this feature it is not an ARPG.
  • If an ARPG has a lot of history and lore you are free (and encouraged) to make a separate history page. Only do this if there is plenty of content to add to the page, otherwise history can probably just fit on the ARPG page itself. (See sample pages above)
  • Not every ARPG is in need of a page. For example, if an ARPG from 2012 has 10 members, barely any art work, and has not been active since 2013, this is essentially a dead group with no content to go on. There's probably not much point in making a page for it.
  • ...However, if an ARPG group like this was made in 2008 then it is special. Groups did not roll out to everybody until 2010 so an ARPG from 2008, dead or not, is a piece of early ARPG history and should be recorded somewhere. See the history section in the ARPG page.
  • If you aren't sure if it is an ARPG, or just want another guideline, see the Art Roleplay Game page.

Naming Pages

  • If an ARPG is based off of an original species, please name the page after the ARPG and not the species. Make a redirect page from the species name to the ARPG
  • ...However, you are free to make a second page just about the original species. If you do this do not make a redirect page.
  • Any ARPG page must be categorized under Category:Art_Roleplay_Game. The infobox for ARPG automatically does this.
  • If a ARPG has a hyphen, like HorseArt-ARPG you are free to ignore the hyphen and assume it is a space.
  • If an ARPG has a very long name, like Those Who Went Missing, you should have spaces between the words.
  • If an ARPG has a very short name, like GremCorps, it is okay to leave the words together.
  • ...but otherwise, when it comes to putting spaces or not between words, you should also use your best judgement.

Primary Sources

  • Without doubt project participants are not going to be a member of every ARPG involved here and not all ARPGs have good archives. You may be able to get primary info from journal entries, but not always. Very modern ARPGs tend to have Discords where the majority of their roleplay takes place, leaving the group itself looking "shallow" in terms of player-made change and instances of RP.
  • For ARPGs that do not archive their changes through time you may need to contact an active member of the ARPG. For group history try asking a staff member(s).
  • For ARPGs that do not have any visible instances of player-made change, you may need to contact an active member of the ARPG. Older players are the best for this.
  • You can send a player a private message on the website of the ARPG, but remember to be kind. Do not repeatedly ask someone over and over if they are not responding or say no.
  • You can ask the group collectively by leaving a comment on the ARPG page, but be respectful because not all ARPGs may be okay with a non-member advertising on their page.

New Fanlore Users

  • Information for new editors is here. Among other things, it explains how to make an account, how to start a new page, and includes a lot of other helpful information.
  • Discussion on this page's talk page is encouraged, as is discussion on individual topic talk pages.
  • All edits, whether big tiny, or in-between, are welcome.
  • You don't have to be an "expert" on a subject. Adding what you know and feel passionate about are pieces of the puzzle, and ones that hopefully inspire others to expand on the topic.
  • All typos, mistakes, and errors are easily corrected. Don't let perfection hobble you.
  • Remember that Fanlore, like all wikis, is a collaborative effort, and may be edited by anyone.
  • Pages are not "owned" or controlled by any single person or group of people.
  • Pages and the information on them are only as robust, encompassing, and accurate as the information added by interested and enthusiastic fans like you.
  • Fanlore practices and encourages a Fanlore:Plural Point of View.
  • Crosswiking is encouraged! If there's information that has a wiki for it already, and it is in need of editing, don't be afraid to add to those sources if you are able! (Remember to always follow the community guidelines for those wikis, as they may differ from the ones on Fanlore.)


There is a pre-made infobox for ARPGs, which you can find here. Use this in your pages. There is currently no infobox for original species and the ARPG infobox does not auto-tag pages in the original species category, since not all ARPGs use original species.


To Do List

  • Make new stubs
  • Fill in pages that need work
  • Review pages for spelling and grammar errors
  • Add new ARPGs to the request list
  • Ask around for primary sources to help fill in pages
  • Ask friends to join the project

Requests for Pages

Don't see your favorite ARPG on FL? Request it here.


These pages need more information. Once you begin adding more information to a stub move it to the "In editing" category.

In Editing

These pages are not stubs but are also incomplete. These pages need the most attention; try and finish these before you begin filling in other stubs!

"Done" Pages

"Done" pages are pages that are not missing any relevant information, but may still need minor editing. Check these occasionally.