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Art Roleplay Game
ARPG Name: Bagbeans
Species Name: Bagbeans
Website Hosted On: DeviantART and World of Griffia
Dates: June 4, 2016 - Present
Founder(s): Griffsnuff, Sindonic, Kandy-Cube
Staff: 22 mods, including Aquisedragon, Balkeir, and Birbean
Country Based In: Global
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Bagbeans is the art roleplay game surrounding the closed species of the same name. It is located on DeviantART. As of February 20, 2020, it as 6,490 members.


Bagbeans was opened in June 2016 by the popular artist Griffsnuff. New players are directed to a website called World of Griffia. In 2019 Griffsnuff, along with her staff, began working on the website to house information and databases for the Bagbean ARPG. The oldest post in the website's change log is from November 30, 2019,[1], though the website could possibly be older. Before this website there appears to have been a list of links that led to now broken HTML pages.[2]

Main page

Though the website is incomplete and has several pages under WIP, most of the basic information on the species' and the masterlist is now hosted there, requiring players to make use of it.

The oldest journal entry is from Oct 29, 2016, and was a Halloween event. The images of the rewards characters would recieve are now in storage.[3]

The group keeps its players updated with a single update journal. Old information is removed when new information is added. Because of this, updates to the game through time are more difficult to track. Nearly all journals in the group are dedicated to hosting events and presenting the winners. Slightly more comprehensive journals with information about the game only begin appearing in the journal log starting in 2018. These journals are still very few and far between, though.

The Q+A journal was first added in 2018, and was then re-vamped in 2020.[4] This Q+A is a set list of links which lead to comment chains. If users prefer a set of answered questions to a comment chain, they may look at the website's FAQ.[5]

In 2018 the group page had a lot more visual content. It included an image of all Griffia species, links to trials (prompts), a pet shop, the continent map, a fanart side bar, and much more.[6] In Sept 2019 some of these visuals can be seen to have been removed and changed to a simple list of links, however the page was still relatively comprehensive.[7] As of Feb 2020 most of this content has since been removed or moved to the website, including the fanart side bar, master lists, and just about all art of the species itself.

In 2019 weekly events were added. These are events that players can enter their characters in once a week and sometimes on specific days.

The Species

Bagbeans are medium sized creatures with round faces, beanbag-like bodies, and short legs ending in a single toenail.[8] There are a few other forms to the Bagbean, including a quadrupedal "titian" form and a small "griffling" form.[9] They can speak, wear clothing, and write. They have an official written language called Griffian.[10] A defining feature of the Bagbean is their life journey to discover themselves, as when they reach this age they create and design a bag to carry along with them. Bagbeans are known to keep pets. Dyes and mutations can change the look of an owned Bagbean. They can live to about 1000 years old.

Bagbeans are a closed species and sell for real money. They can range from $50[11] to $150[12]. Or, if buying a design from Kandy-Cube, they can go from $70-$600.[13] However, new players can get two free starter characters and the group sometimes runs free make your own (called create your own here) events.[14]


There are two celestial dragons who contain planets and suns inside of them. The suns are their hearts. The star system and its sun are called Yuro, named after the dragon whose belly they live in. Sol is the other sun within his belly, and Griffians can travel to Earth when they'd like.[15] The planet where Bagbeans live is called Griffia. It is inhabited by eleven other original species (called "Griffolk") by Griffsnuff and twenty-four companion species.[16] The continent of Beania is where the Bagbeans reside, and there are four cities (minus the capital), six towns, and eleven villages.[17]

Bagbeans were and are grown from wild shrubs, now known as time shrubs. It's thought that the god Konatus grew these shrubs. [9]

Bagbeans have a clear sense of society, including running universities. Bagbeans are a monarchy and have a page about the royal family located on the website.[18][19] The monarchy consists of only Pisum the queen with a mention of the former king Papillion.

The "ally trial" page of the website says that Griffia was once "comprised of separate warring clans," though it does not state which species this applies to, the names of the clans, nor the locations. It also makes reference to a "Great War" which happened in the past, but does not state what the war was fought over.[20] There is some reference to the war in the choose your own adventure event "Bright Minds." This event mentions that the Bagbeans fought against the Fornlee, with the later then being driven underground and sealed there.[20] Before the war Griffia's 13 species had a clan, and modernly only 3 remain.

There are a couple of gods on Griffia, including: Hurdle and Bonus the "God of RNG," Sage the demigod of life, Avani the god of elements, Caprisikorn the god who created Anubaias Pixi and Caasters, and The Woem, keeper of the void well.[21]


The first currency was called money beans,[22] which resembled green beans with stripes. This currency was not used for much and has since been retired. Other past currencies include silver coins (SC), peanut money beans, peas,[23] and peanuts.[24]The current currency of Bagbeans are called gold coins (GC). These coins can be earned through prompts, such as the Saturday Beango event where 50 coins may be earned.[25] There are also a large number of items to be collected in this ARPG, which can be tracked in the item bank of the website.

Time supplies are used for time loot, namely the time tree, time flower, and time pool.[26] Once a month if the player has a mature tree, flower, or pool, they will receive item drops such as collectibles and cosmetics. Attaching chronopods to the supplies gets more item drops.[19][27]

As of Apr 5, 2020, there are three games on the website sidebar: time loot, void well, and winning flower. The only game currently working appears to be winning flower, which is self-described as being a "GC sink." [28]

Trials are prompts and the trials on the website are for all of Griffia, not just Bagbeans. That said, Bagbeans are still welcome to participate. As of Apr 5, 2020, there are 10 trials. The first trial listed is the "ally trial," a prompt where Griffolk are encouraged to draw two characters becoming allies. [20]

Player Lore

Bagbeans are generally not a collaborative world building game, or CWBG. Players do not affect the game's plot nor lore in most cases. While Bagbeans have vague mention of being a monarchy players have not been involved with the government itself, as this is staff-created.

One instance in which players have subtly helped aid in expanded Bagbean/Griffian lore is the "Bright Minds" event, which was a choose your own adventure event. Collectively players would decide which option they liked, and the most popular options were how the story progressed. Most of the options given to players had minimal affect, for example the two options of "ask the Kit about life underground" versus "talk to the villagers to find out about them" would likely have had similar results. However, the further in the story the more important the choices became and the longer the story.

The choice that most affected the expanded lore was "tell the truth." This resulted in the Prince explaining some history behind the war. Prince Lee, who is a "Fornlee" rather than a Bagbean, gives reference to how the species of the over world have lied about his species being bad. He says that while they have spread a claim that he betrayed someone during the war that this is untrue. Papillion, a special Bagbean, fought with him in the war. In the end the Prince requests help leaving the underground and says "maybe there is hope for our alliance after all," implying Bagbeans and Fornlees could possibly be friends again.[20]


While much of community participation is done through DeviantART there is also a Discord for the ARPG.


Bagbeans hosts a decent amount of events. Even the very first journal uploaded was a Halloween event, though this may simply be one of the surviving journals and not necessarily the true first.[3] Indeed, a large chunk of the early journals were events. The second Halloween event also participated in Inktober, a yearly event for artists to draw with pen and ink.[29] Bagbeans constantly hosts spring and Halloween events, sometimes with smaller min-games and scavenger hunts.[30] Rewards for joining in on the fun can range from items such as Chronopods, fruit, collectibles, or currency like GC.






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