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Name/s: Patchlamb, Lamb, sometimes been called Patchie
Fandom/s: 9, Steven Universe, Furry, Daycare Attendant, bits and pieces of others
You can find me at: DeviantART
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

I'm part of the Policy and Admin team here on Fanlore. Reach out to me or another admin (or gardener) if you need any help or have questions! Use our contact form to reach out to the team as a whole; it can be located in the left-side sidebar or at this link.

You can call me Lamb. I'm a longtime furry and old 9 roleplayer; I joined fandom circa 2008, mainly in small forums for niche fandoms and then joined DeviantART as an artist. Joined Fanlore in 2019. I like fandom culture, let's document it together!

I work on any page that catches my interests, which frequently ends up being for video game fandoms, furry art communities, and glossary pages. I like to see stubs fill out, but may leave some typos behind!

Some Code

Archive codes. The first code is good for links spread through the article itself, but for long lists of links (like fanart and meta) using the superscript might be better and faster. The only difference is the first code has an archive date, however it doesn't show in the article...

{{source| url =  | title =  | archiveurl =  | archivedate =  }}
<sup>[ Archived Version]</sup>


{{Quotation| blah blah blah|source=}}

Quote with response

|quote = blah blah
|user = username 1
|child = {{NQuote2
|quote = 
|user = username2
|child = {{NQuote| 
beep beep
|user = username3

Capitalization has to be exactly as below, or it won't work

{{Dead link}}


{{div col|colwidth=35em}}
{{div col end}}
{{div col|colwidth=55em}}
{{div col end}}

Direct to place in article

[[#Section in Article|Words that show]]

Separated notes

==Notes and References==
<ref group="note"> </ref>

Table with multiple items on one row, which items can be sorted under. Items in the horizontal row can be added and removed with ! . Use |- between sorted items.

{| border="1"  cellpadding="20" cellspacing="0" class="wikitable sortable"
|Sort under #1
|Sort under #2


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