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I like fandom culture. Let's document it together! Unlike many long time editors I only joined fandom circa 2008 when I was 11, beginning on a forum and then onto DeviantART. Joined Fanlore in 2019. I keep track of pages I'm involved with or would like to edit here. Whoops! Fanlore is sorta a hobby now? Items marked as "done" don't mean they won't be edited again later, just that atm most of the needed info has been already added. "Done" pages should absolutely continue to be edited and added onto.

You can mostly catch me working on pages for fandoms roughly between 1996-2010, though I also work on and edit more modern pages too! Otherwise, you can find me working on pages for the ARPG project on a rotating basis.

ARPG/Original Species Project


I have edited these pages:

I have created these pages:

I would like to create these pages:

  • Littlest Pet Shop
  • VivziePop (redirect Vivzmind)
  • Impressive Title/Feral Hearts
  • Suna and her Blitzbee fics
  • 2bt2 (minecraft)
  • Bayverse

I would like to edit these pages:

Bingo Card

Gonna try and do the expert bingo!

Contribute to any FanloreProject page

[ done! ]
Add references to a page that doesn't have any

[ done! ]
Create a wanted page
Archive a link and reference it

[ done! ]
Create a redirect to a page from an alternate name, spelling or capitalization Add an link to an orphaned page

[ done! ]
Vote on a Featured Article nomination

[ done! ]
Say hello on a user's talk page

[ done! ]
Add a category to a page or image

[ done! ]

Some Code

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