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Art Roleplay Game
ARPG Name: World of Reos
Species Name: Vayrons and Tyrians
Website Hosted On: DeviantART
Dates: Dec 25, 2015 - present
Founder(s): Pudingi
Staff: 38 members, including Eternityspool, Reos-Empire, and Skulldog
Country Based In: Global
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World of Reos is the art roleplay game for the two original species Vayrons and Tyrians. The species are closed, meaning they may only be obtained by controlled means, such as by purchase.

Reos is a heavily story oriented ARPG, a place where stories come to life. Reos is a world that creatures called Vayrons and Tyrians call home - These species co-exist with the people as mounts, companions and friends.
Front page of World-of-Reos


World of Reos was created by Pudingi, and as of Jul 2020 it is owned by Eternityspool (who has also been involved with Fawnlings) and Kelyias.[1]

World of Reos has a well organized journal list with little clutter, despite the groups age. The earliest journals all come from Jun 17, 2016, and are about the mechanics of the same such as training and the purity trials. It also has a "news corner" that appears to have been started in 2020 based on upload dates, however clicking on the articles reveals them to have begun on Jun 17, 2016 as well. These articles are thus updated rather than replaced, and older news is archived for later.[2]

The Species

There are two species of this ARPG. Vayrons are horse-sized creatures of human intelligence, though they do not speak. Tyrians are flying creatures with four wings who are also of human intelligence. Both are used as mounts for people.

These closed species can be bought from current members, through custom sales, breeding, or players can adopt two free cubs from the adoption center per month.

Each individual Reos character has its own genotype, which is a mechanic shared with a handful of other original species groups, such as Fawnlings or Draco Stryx. This genotype determines what the character's body and coat will look like. World of Reos has a color guide made of swatches, which is somewhat unique to the group and is reminiscence of Flight Rising. This means characters have a limited range of colors.[1]


Canon history is broken up into "ages." As of Jul 2020 there are nine ages. In the first age ("The Divine") a prince/knight named Zorin meets "The Holy One," a huge Vayron, who he forms an alliance with. This spurs the species into becoming friends and mounts for people. The second age ("The Blinding") sees Zorin become king and kill The Holy One out of fear and greed. He locks away and enslaves the magical Vayron, resulting in a loss of magic through the species. In the third age ("The Silence") the Vayron became more subdued and full of sadness. The second largest kindgom Roenden, tried to reach out to Zorin on the issue. Soon the king of Roenden, Aliam, formed an alliance with Thedale's lords and declared war on Zorin to free the creatures.

The fourth age ("Battle of Broken Wills") saw the war between Thedale and Roenden's alliance with Zorin's kingdom of Warrenfall. Even the subdued Vayrons fought against their own freedom, their wills broken. ultimately Zorin was slane, leaving Warrenfall with no king. In the fifth age ("The Awakening") a new king named Auduin was chosen for Warrenfall, and the Vayrons were set free. They began becoming more like themselves again and gaining back magic abilities.

The "New Age" comprises all ages of the modern World of Reos history, from age six onward. In age six ("The Connection") many Vayrons who had left human society after being freed began returning, curious if they'd changed. In the seventh age ("The Steed of Greed") king Anduin had a son named prince Derigan. Derigan loved Vayrons and as an adult looked for one to bond with. A found an injured cub and named him Merah, after a word meaning greed, for a mutation he had that was called King's Greed. Merah was the opposite of his name and was loyal to Derigan. In the eighth age ("The Rise") Anduin passed and Derigan became king. He and Merah bonded and with this bond encouraged human/Vayron relationships to flourish, causing the cities to be just as full of the creatures as humans. However, Thedale rejected any Vayron or human that had magic.

The ninth age ("The Time of Peace") is twelve years into Derigan's reign and he has had a son named Hirren. The kingdom is a peace.

Player Lore

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