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Fan Army is a phenomenon that can be traced back to the early 19th century ("Lisztomania") in the music fandom. It is usually a decentralized organized fan base consisting of hardcore fans who use organized actions like call-ins, letter send-in, flash mobs, or, in more recent times, social media platforms to gain attention or "right wrongs" against their favourites.

In the general media, activities by fan armies are usually viewed negatively and/or derogatory since it fulfills a very stereotypical view on fandom and fandom culture.

Since the 2000s and later years, the term stan may also be used by members of fan armies.

Often the line between doing good (like raising awareness or collecting funds for charities[1]) and bad toxic behavior (cyberbullying of individuals, behavior of fan armies may change quickly within a fandom and can often overshoot a noble goal in terms of fandom bubbles, hysteria[2] and overestimating the importance of topics compared the population outside a fandom.

Online media sites know about the potential to draw clicks and impressions to their sites, which is why the love to hold "Battle of the fan armies" kind of contests on their social media platform and websites.

One of the more recent, notorious fan armies out there is the BTSARMY which is not short of controversies surrounding their activities.


Bobby-Soxers were named for the rolled-down hosiery they matched with saddle shoes and skirts, these teen girls were pop music’s first real fan army, swooning and fainting over Frank Sinatra during World War II. Soon after, the Beatlemaniacs, often young, female fans of the Beatles, gained awareness by the media.[3]

"One of the longest-running fan armies in rock also created one of the first official charities run by rock fans. The Grateful Dead created the Rex Foundation to serve various charitable causes in 1983, and the Deadhead family has been running the operation successfully since then."


In the 1980s, fans of the created boy band Menudo where called Menuditis.

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