Ena Glogowska

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Name: Ena Glogowska
Type: fan artist, fan club organiser, zine editor, author of non-fiction and fanpoetry
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS
Communities: G.H.T.
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Ena Glogowska was a Star Trek fan active in the 1970s through the '90s. She ran the George Takei fan club G.H.T. from 1983 to 1996, and was the editor of the club's newsletter, G.H.T. Journal.

Front cover of a June 1987 issue of G.H.T. Journal with art by Ena Glogowska. Ena was also the editor.

Ena was also a fan artist whose artwork was published in several fanzines, including Enterprise Log Entries (1978), Repeat Missions (1980), and Images and Dreams (1986, 1989). She also created the cover of at least one issue of G.H.T. Journal (1987).

She also wrote non-fiction articles for zines, including content in James Doohan International Club Newsletter (1985), Khan Reports (1986), B.A. News (1989), and IDIC (1989). She also wrote fanpoetry published in All That He Is (1986).

Ena attended the Scottish fan con Contagion in 1992.