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Synonym(s)Earth-based AU, Mundane AU
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Earth AU or Earth-based AU is the term often used in Stargate fandom[1] for Alternate Universe fanworks featuring the characters from the show (as humans) and set on Earth where there are none (or very few) of the shows' canon science fiction elements, such as Ancient, Goa'uld, Asgard technology or threats.

The term is comparable to Mundane AU, which is used in other fandoms.

The term Earth AU is generally not used for (the many) fanworks that take place on Earth but where the characters are not human but inanimate objects or animals; those are more commonly labeled crackfic, anthropomorfic, or "the one where they are pandas" or such by their creators.

In many Earth AUs, the shows' main characters may have completely different professions from their canon ones (such as musicians[2] or running a coffeeshop[3]), or similar ones, just without the SGC existing (or them being aware of it or it of them).

However, in some Earth AUs, there may still be canon science fiction elements present and the story may eventually converge with canon through the discovery of alien tech or Sheppard's ATA gene or such.[4]


Some Stargate (Atlantis) Earth AU fanworks with their own fanlore pages:


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