Si Muovo

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Title: Si Muovo
Author(s): Kass, Sihaya Black
Date(s): 2008
Length: 39,434 words
Genre: AU, slash fanfiction
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Si Muovo is a John/Rodney SGA AU co-written by Kass and Sihaya Black, set in Kodiak, Alaska, in which Rodney is a Jesuit priest and John is a bush pilot.[1]

Summary:Episode tag for "Quarantine," S4 x 13. "You mean aside from spending all day thinking I was dying of some dread disease, and the city trying to kill us and very nearly alerting the Wraith to our location, and my getting trapped in a botany lab without a single computer during what was arguably the biggest crisis we've faced this week?"

Although priest fetish is a known kink,[2] the story's aim is not to play to that kink, but to explore the intersection of religion and science through the person of a Jesuit Rodney McKay.

Though the story was critiqued [3] for flaws in its portrayal of Jesuit practice, it was generally well-received within the fandom.


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