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Name: Djinn
Type: Fanwriter
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: DS9
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Djinn is a Star Trek fanwriter and reccer, whose stories won many ASC Awards.

Her writing includes fanfic about Christine Chapel.



See The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Djinn.

Fan Comments


I'm one of those people who never thought Chapel could be more than the two-dimensional character we generally saw on TV, but Djinn has made a believer of me. Her treatment of Valeris blew me away, too. [1]


I've said it before, but I'll say it again: Djinn could write a grocery list and I'd read it. Seriously, she's that good. And because it's Djinn, I started reading some of her TOS stories. Even without the background to understand all of the nuances, I recognized talent when I saw it! "Blood Debt" is perhaps one of the most amazing stories I've ever read, in any series, and Djinn has a wonderful way of bringing characters to life, portraying even the most 'evil' of characters in a sympathetic light. Her TOS fic is invariably thought-provoking and memorable. Kudos to Djinn on a spectacular job this year. [2]
When I think of Christine Chapel, I immediately think of Djinn. No other author writes the character quite like this--strong, capable, not whiny or self-indulgent even when she's not acting as wisely as she should. No other author pairs Chapel up with such an astonishing variety of partners, either, and makes them all plausible. Spock/Chapel is a given, but Kirk/Chapel? And for more than just a one night stand, and within the confines of canon? And then there's Chapel/Kerr, involving one of the more delightful and true-to-life OC's to appear recently in fanfic. Any time I open a TOS story by Djinn, I know I'm in for a good experience. And thanks to her extremely active muse, this past year has been a real treasure trove. [3]
No other author has contributed more TOSfic to ASC this year than Djinn: 20 stories, making her the most prolific author in this category by a wide margin, and more than a dozen were of novella length. There's not one story she's posted this year that I didn't at the very least find very entertaining and several I think are among the very best posted to the list this year. I'm very fond of her Carter series, featuring Spock and Chapel heading the crew of a diplomatic/medical ship post-Generations. It features one of my favorite OFCs in fanfic, Randall Kerr, and this year took in a remarkable arc of very intense stories, one of which, "A Matter of Life and Death" moved me to tears. I'm a big fan also of her K/Cha series of stories. She completely makes me believe in those two as a couple even though before her stories I would have found that the most unlikely of pairings. IMHO, she writes a spot-on Kirk, always a winner with me;-) In fact, this first in the series "Like We Never Had a Broken Heart" is my favorite story posted to the NG this year. As a fan of Buffy, I get a kick out of her xover Slayer stories and found "Gotterdammerung" one of the most powerful tales on ASC this year. Her Mc/Cha "First, Do No Harm" was poignant and bitter, her Khan piece "Not All at Once" a chilling work of true horror, and "Dream Until Your Dream Comes True" a brilliant inversion of romantic fanfic notions of the Vulcan bond. Her story "Blood Debt" is a lovely fairy tale. She made me cry. She made me laugh. She made me think. I can't imagine any other author more deserving of the distinction Best TOS Author this year. [4]
Djinn is one of those authors who really ought to be a pro. She can go from hilarious in a straight drop to chilling. She definitely knows her way around a plot, and she is one of those authors who can make you like a character you couldn't stand five minutes before you read the story. And, of course, her Carter story shows that she can carry a series with the best of them. She's one of those classic authors we can always point to when we say, "See? Fanfic can be *good*." [5]
Djinn's produced an astonishing number of meaty, satisfying TOS stories this year but the range they represent is astonishing. Certinaly Chapel is her character of choice, but neither she nor Christine are stuck in a rut. She's examined relationships between the good doctor and Spock, Kerr, and Kirk. She's done serious and humorous, action/adventure and pure romantic fluff, and just about everything in between. Her characterizations are sure and her plots, especially in the action stories, intricate enough to sustain interest yet not so complex that the reader gets lost. A story by Djinn is going to be worth the time. [6]


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