Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

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Title: Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Author(s): Sholio
Date(s): 14.12.2009
Length: 33,000
Genre: action/adventure, h/c
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
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Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is an SGA story written by Sholio for the SGA Secret Santa 2009. It is a McKay/Keller story with a strong focus on the friendship between Rodney and John and everyone's adjustment to the changes the new relationship brings. For a fic concentrating on these three characters it is unusual in SGA fandom because no character is bashed. Many fans said that while they usually dislike the McKay/Keller pairing they enjoyed the story.[1]

In addition to the exploration of the characters's relationship the story also has a strong plot: a mission to an underwater research station forces them to work together when they are attacked by zombie coral.

Recs and Reviews

astridv wrote: "Aside from the *extremely* creepy, scary action-adventure plot, I find the way it deals with the shifting character dynamics and the development in John and Rodney's friendship believable and emotionally satisfying. And I love how the relationship between Jennifer and Rodney is portrayed."[2]

kristen999 wrote: "I think many people will be scared off at the ‘het McKay/Keller’ label and I want people to read this! I think the label is mis-leading, as the focus is all about John and Rodney and their bumbling inability to talk with each other." [3]

horridporrid wrote: "I loved this! :) All of the characters rang so true to me; this is how I've always seen Jennifer, and Jennifer/Rodney, and I adore that you've written it out so beautifully. I love how difficult the relationships were to begin with and I loved how you showed them changing throughout the adventure, and I really, really loved how no one was a villain. That they all wanted to do the right thing, show the care they had for each other, but just couldn't figure out how. (The insight into John and Nancy's marriage not only made me go, "oh, John" but also, "oh, Nancy". Poor guys.)

All that, plus Brain Coral! :D Lovely, lovely tension and "it's behind you!!!" I very much enjoyed this."[4]


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