Derek Hale/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski

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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: Derek Hale/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Alternative name(s): McHaleinski, Sour Skittles
Gender category: M/M/M
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canonical?: No (Scott & Stiles are best friends, Derek is a sometimes-reluctant ally)
Prevalence: Rare overall, but one of the more common threesomes in the fandom
Other: Derek/Stiles, Scott/Stiles
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Derek Hale/Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski is the non-canonical threesome of Derek Hale, Scott McCall, and Stiles Stilinski on the television show Teen Wolf.


On the show, Scott and Stiles are best friends. They meet Derek in the first episode, and through the course of the show they vacillate between being antagonistic towards him and being allied with him. Derek attempts to teach Scott about his werewolf powers, and all three work together (though sometimes at cross-purposes) to defeat various villains.


Derek/Scott/Stiles is one of the more popular threesomes in the fandom,[1] likely as a side-effect of Derek/Stiles being the fandom OTP and Scott/Stiles being a fairly popular pairing as well. They are also three of only four characters remaining from the season one starring cast.[2]

The portmanteau name for this ship is McHaleinski. However, fans also use the name Sour Skittles, combining the Scott/Stiles ship name "Skittles" with Stiles's nickname for Derek, "Sourwolf."

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  1. ^ As of 13 August 2014, AO3 has 112 Derek/Scott/Stiles tagged fics. This puts it well behind Allison/Isaac/Scott (503) and just behind Allison/Scott/Stiles (107) but ahead of relationships like Derek/Peter/Stiles (83), Derek/Isaac/Stiles (69), Derek/Lydia/Stiles (67), Danny/Lydia/Jackson (43), Isaac/Scott/Stiles (38), and Allison/Erica/Lydia (31).
  2. ^ Where "starring" = included in the title sequence. The fourth character is Lydia Martin. Characters who starred in season 1 but have left the show are Jackson Whittemore and Allison Argent.