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Title: Dargelos & Pam Perry Songtape ("Mondo Esoterica: A Gay Review")
Creator: Dargelos & Pam Perry
Date: between 1981 and 1985
Format: Betamax, later VHS
Length: 45 min to 1 hr 15 min (depending on the version)
Music: varied
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch, Multiple Fandoms

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Dargelos and her friend Pam Perry were among the first wave of live action vidders.

Starting in 1981 they produced a series of vids, mainly in Starsky & Hutch fandom. Many of the vids consisted of short snippets using a stanza or two of a familiar song, strung together in one long medley. Their music choices covered a wide range from show tunes, to the Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Young and Queen.

Example of a handwritten songtape playlist from a VHS version of the songtape. Note that many of the titles are guesses, often only a few words randomly pulled from the song, with no vidder credits
"....Everyone had their own style and own way of solving the editing challenge...Dargelos and Pam had a Commodore 64[1] that they could hook into their BETA video machines to make their credits. Still, the challenge for all vidders remained making clean edits. Dargelos and Pam sidestepped that problem with the idea of shorts [short videos]. To quote another vidder "Get in, make your joke, get out."[2]

The songvids were made by connecting two Betamaxes together for the video. Each VTR was given a name: Bruce and Brad. The audio source was a turntable with vinyl records. Credits were done by connecting a computer to one of the VCRs. They timed everything with a wristwatch and occasionally by counting: "One thousand, Two thousand..."[3]

The "Dargelos & Pam Perry Songtape" was mentioned as "Mondo Esoterica: A Gay Review" in the Encore Awards held at The Paul Muni Special in 1985.

Two Versions

Version One

Here is the order of appearance on one videotape that is dated 1981. All fandoms are Starsky & Hutch unless otherwise indicated. In some instances the "titles" are lines from a song which the playlist creator did not recognize. There are no breaks between the vids (possibly due to the difficulties of early tape editing as well as the fact there were no black screen or spacing standards for fanvids at the time). This first videotape is approximately 45 minutes long.

  • You Made Me Love You - Dargelos & Pam Perry
  • Opening Credits from Starsky & Hutch set to classical music - Dargelos
  • Cowboy Song (Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up To Be Cowboys) - Dargelos
  • Sisters of Mercy sung by Leonard Cohen

A series of songs called "Shorts" which contain:

  • Singing In the Rain/Blueberry Hill Medley - Dargelos & Pam Perry
  • Heart of Gold - Dargelos
  • Otta Be In Pictures - Dargelos (note: with Bonus Jeff Goldblum as the film director)

More songs:

  • In My Life (I Love You More) sung by The Beatles
  • Whiskey Heaven sung by Fats Domino
  • Lady In Red (From the film "In Caliente") - Dargelos
  • El Condor Pasa (If I Could) by Simon & Garfunkle
  • Little Girls (Thank Heaven For Little Girls) - Dargelos
  • Devil in Blue Jeans (Somebody's Knocking) - Dargelos
  • Come On Get Happy sung by Judy Garland
  • Under the Bamboo Tree (from "Meet Me In St. Louis" soundtrack) - Dargelos & Pam Perry

Another series of shorts

  • What Did You Do? by Gene Austin
  • The Gangs All Here by Dropkick Murphys
  • Be My Love by Mario Lanza


  • Boy From NYC - Dargelos
  • Killer Queen (Multiple Fandoms) - Dargelos
  • Too Late For Praying (Children of Today) sung by Gordon Lightfoot
  • Black Magic sung by Judy Garland - Dargelos
  • Like A Melody ("A pretty girl is like a melody") performed by Irving Berlin - Dargelos
  • Whisper My Name sung by Gordon Lighfoot
  • Anything Goes (played over the vidder's closing credits) (some copies of the songtape end here)

Version Two

A second version of the songtape also circulated which contained additional vids. This tape is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes long and it has a "Starting 1981" date. This second tape also lists a third vidder "Davis" and these songvids may not in fact be by Dargelos and Pam.

Additional vids

  • Magical Mystery Tour sung by The Beatles
  • Waterfall sung by Chris Williams
  • Just a Fantasy sung bu Billy Joel
  • Warm Gun ("Happiness is a warm gun') sung by The Beatles
  • Where Did The Chicken Lay The Eggie by Billy Cotton & His Band
  • One (from the "Chorus Line" play)
  • Face Like Dracula (from "The Roar of Greasepaint" play)
  • I’ll Be There sung by Bobby Darin
  • Live Til You Die sung by Tift Merritt
  • The Tide Slowly Turning sung by Moody Blues (song set to the "Ocean Scene" from the episode "Targets Without a Badge")
  • Following the Leader from the play "Peter Pan"
  • You Can’t Do Me This Way sung by Mark Chesnutt


Opening Credits

Closing Credits


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