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Zine Publisher
Name: D'Ego-Boo Press
Contact: Jani Hicks
Fandoms: Star Wars
Status: defunct
click to read this flyer printed in Starwings #1 -- "We're not dead (at least, not yet) and not gafiated yet, either, after all" [1]
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D'Ego-Boo Press was a zine publisher run by Jani Hicks.

The press published two zines: Twin Suns and Thunderbolt!.

In an ad in Datazine #19 (April-June 1982), she asked for submissions for a Hill Street Blues zine she was planning, called "On the Hill."

Despite her 1981 announcement that she would cease production after the third issue of Twin Suns, a flyer published in Starwings #1 in 1982 noted that Hicks would be publishing the fourth issue of Twin Suns, to be released in time for MediaWest*Con 1983.

Hicks left fandom in late 1983/early 1984. [2]

Complications with Lucasfilm

After the Lucasfilm ban on adult themed Star Wars fan fiction in 1981, Jani announced she would be ceasing publishing Star Wars zines.

In November 1981, Hicks wrote:
I cannot, I will not live with censorship backed by threats of litigation when I have acted, and continue to act, in good faith with the copyright owners. I am willing to abide by voluntary controls; I will not comply with the Rule of Gold -- the one with the gold makes the rules. Therefore, and sadly, I announce the retirement of D'Ego-Boo Press from active fandom subsequent to the publication of Thunderbolt and Twin Suns #3. After that time, I will be writing, editing, publishing and buying nor more professional or amateur Star Wars material, including fanzines. I would hope that a few hardy souls would make the break with me, but I advocate no boycott or other action against Lucasfilm, since that would not speak well of fandom and its intentions. Nor would I presume to dictate to the fannish conscience; we are more than capable of making our own individual moral decision. I have made mine, and I do invite anyone feeling likewise to follow the dictates of their own inner voices... In less formal terms, my decision to retire was influences by a comment from a friend. 'Remember the Clone Wars?' she asked. I nodded. She ended, 'The Clones won. [3]


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