Curving Like the Ocean Toward You

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Title: Curving Like the Ocean Toward You
Author(s): gyzym
Date(s): 07 April 2011
Length: 19,886 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, Curtainfic
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Curving Like the Ocean Toward You (AO3)
Curving Like the Ocean Toward You (LJ)

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Curving Like the Ocean Toward You is a Steve/Danny story by gyzym.

Summary: If it ain't broke, fix it anyway.

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: Danny convinces Steve that he needs to let go of the unhappy memories bound up in Steve's dad's house. What starts out as an epic renovation ends up being something else entirely, and Steve and Danny are the last ones to see it. We particularly love the characterizations here. Steve and Danny are right on the money.[1]
I loved this story! Sooooo funny, you are so fantastic at writing Danny, his dialogue and inner thoughts are just spot on. All the characterizations here were perfect. I loved the whole setup with Steve fixing up his house and Danny helping, and OMG Steve never having bought furniture before, that was hilarious, Danny's reaction. And Steve's angst about cleaning out his parents' stuff and Danny trying to take care of him, oh my heart. And Rachel was great too. I finished this with a big smile on my face. (and stayed up too late to boot, but I couldn't stop reading)[2]
I really enjoyed this—sirona recommended your writing with burning passion and she was right. Such fantastic characterization, the dialogue alone is worthy for a script of the show, even better! Great sense of atmosphere, the attention to detail was fantastic, the build-up was delicious, the smut was epic and just...Lovely, all of it!♥[3]
Love it, love it, love it. Every inch of it. Perfect voices, and the *looks*, Steve's desperation in the furniture store and a back seat full of paint chips and Chin is the *only sane one*, ah ha ha, and!

Danny’s grip is white knuckled on the door and Steve’s got that unholy look of joyful focus on his face, and they’re arguing about tile grout.

Tile grout. In the middle of a pursuit. While they’re being shot at.

Damn it, Danny thinks, Chin’s fucking right.

Too, too hilarious. Loved it! :)[4]
Oh God, Jizz, it's beautiful, it's perfect. So here's a story, right, so back when i was consuming like 500 teen wolf fics a day, I read Crash Landers and it was fabulous and i loved it so much, but that was back when the basis of my interaction with other people in the fandom was all tumblr and nothing else. THIS WAS A MISTAKE, O K, I AM NOT CONDONING THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR, IT GETS YOU NOWHERE IN LIFE. Anyway, so i read it, downloaded the pdf for my e-reading convenience, and basically moved on with my life, never letting you know of your sweet brilliance, ALSO A MISTAKE WHICH I AM SO SORRY FOR, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

well, it turns out you are willing to overlook my transgressions even without knowing i've made them, because here we are a fandom and a few truly amazing fics later, and you're still writing this AMAZING STUFF OKAY, LIKE S U P E R AMAZING, I CAN'T EVEN TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR WRITING. so yeah, one day i look up and go 'the fuck? wHY am i not reading a shitton of h50 fic i've literally watched this show - like every other prime time cop show to ever grace the tv - since season 1, but i haven't been treating it like a sHOW, WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME' and so i'm playing one incredibly long game of catchup reading fic every spare second of the day ok it's probably not healthy but thems the breaks. AND YOU, YOU WITH YOUR GORGEOUS FIC AND YOUR LIVEJOURNAL I'VE BEEN PAGING THROUGH SINCE SOMEONE POSTED ABOUT ONE OF YOUR MINI-FICS ON THERE SWEET JESUS BURRO HOW DO YOU LIVE I JUST.

I'm sorry, this got away from me a little bit, i love this fic, and all your h50 fic, god it's all so beautifully written you're so good i just love it all give me moooooore.[5]
"We're not on the market" was the actual PERFECT way to end this, oh my gosh. Danny's internal monologue was on point, and the interaction with Steve was absolutely believable and in-character. The buildup was so well-paced and the resolution was basically the heart-eyes emoji in word form. TL;DR I adored this.[6]
What Why You Should Read This: Because Danny is frustrated. Steve is confused. They’re both idiots. Rachel is cool. Grace is blithe. Chin saw this coming 10 miles off shore and Kono hates decorating. Absolutely charming story.[7]
Explicit, 19,000+ words. It's some sort of rule that if gyzym wades into a fandom, however briefly, the resulting fic will send me into paroxysms of joy with its perfection. There's accidental courting through nesting, and hothotsex, and it's sharp and heartbreaking and just read it now, 'kay guys?
"I have several things against white couches. Thing one, stains. Thing two, stains. Thing three, you would not be considering this couch if you'd even once had to deal with a small child for more than five minutes, because, I say again, stains. Thing four, even if your super-human ass never spilled so much as drop of anything on this, I give it, like, a year before it starts to look all ratty and--"
"Okay, okay," Steve says, and he's actually laughing now, this is encouraging. Maybe all Danny has to do is carefully balance insults and insight for the rest of this process--and hey, really, that's practically his job description anyway, so it's not like it'll be hard.
"Now this one," Danny says, leading Steve over to a weathered leather sectional, "this one is a shining paragon of all things holy. This, my friend, is a couch. This is--"
"Four thousand dollars," Steve says sputtering, "Danny, oh my god, what the hell would I do with a four thousand dollar couch, does it grow legs, does it do the dishes for me--"
"Like you'd ever let the couch do your dishes for you," Danny scoffs. "The finished product would undoubtedly not live up to your stringent military standards."[8]
It's the anniversary of Steve's father's death, and he's still living in the house where it happened. Danny thinks it's time for a change and drags a reluctant Steve along. Danny is so good with handling a Steve who is still mourning, and this fic really reminds you why these two work together so well, both as professioanl partners and more. Steve and Danny bicker as they always do, which makes this fic a great mix of humor and angst. I love that everyone knows about Steve and Danny before Steve and Danny do. It's just an entertaining read, the kind of fic that catches you quick and is fun and interesting enough to keep you until you're done.[9]
Steve, Danny, John's house. I keep seeing people talk about how Steve never really deals with John's death on the show, and while I subscribe to the theory that hanging people off of a roof, and threatening others with deportation *is* how Steve is dealing with it, this is another take on him dealing, and one that I could also subscribe to. There's also a short sequel, weight of days lost holding you down.[10]


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