Crossing the Streams

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You may be looking for Cross Streams, a gen multifandom zine.

Title: Crossing the Streams
Publisher: Wild Hair Press
Editor(s): Rolaine Smoot
Date(s): 1992-1996
Medium: print
Fandom: Real Ghostbusters
Language: English
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Crossing the Streams is a mixed gen, het and slash Real Ghostbuster anthology.

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: "RGB- not just for children anymore. Was it ever? We don't think so! That's why we've published CROSSING THE STREAMS.An adult oriented zine with stories focusing on themes such as friendships, relationships, deep emotions, and sex presented with the same quirky humor RGB is known for. PG-13 to X."

Summaries below are from the publisher.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Crossing the Streams 1 was published in 1992 and contains 127 pages. Art by Rolaine Smoot.

  • Lead Me Not Into Temptation - I Can Find it Myself by Rolaine Smoot (Adult. Janine has a very close encounter with Slimer when he and Egon accidentally switch bodies.) (1)
  • Friday the 13th - The Fantasy by Eddi Fey (Adult. Maree, a woman from our world, buys a cursed VCR that transports her to the world of the Ghostbusters.) (9)
  • Sex, Egon, and Videotapes by Claire Cross (Adult. As a joke, Peter switches video tapes, giving Egon a triple ‘X’ porn tape that stars a Janine look alike.) (17)
  • The Other Side of Me by Vickie E. Buckingham (Adult. A series of disturbing dreams leads Peter to consult a psychologist who’s an authority on sexual disorders.) (27)
  • Be Careful How You Wish by Eddi Fey and T.R. McCoy (Sequel: Friday the 13th - The Fantasy. Adult. A friend of Maree’s comes for a weekend visit and decides to watch her VCR, unaware that she’s about to meet the ‘real’ Egon Spengler.) (33)
  • Wet Dreams by Azure Orbs (Sequel: Friday the 13th - The Fantasy. Adult. Peter keeps dreaming of his time with Maree, but it’s Slimer who’s really there while Peter’s asleep.) (47)
  • The Power of the Music of the Night by Ariel Cannon (Crossover: Phantom of the Opera. Sequel: Be Careful How You Wish. Adult. Clare plays a video tape on Maree’s VCR and finds her true love; the mysterious Eric.) (51)
  • Out the Inn Door by Tamra Giles (Rape. Violence. On their way home from a bust in Maine and during a horrendous rain storm, the guys find themselves in an old inn with an odd assortment of guests, and some lethal innkeepers.) (73)
  • A Rare Find by Debra Hicks (Adult. Slash. A grun geschlecht sets its sights on Peter, and it’s up to Egon to break its evil spell before it can kill him. The spell, however, is already in motion when Egon arrives, and he can do nothing except complete it, or forfeit his friend’s life.) (also in The Hicks Files and Homosapien #4) (105)

Issue 2

Crossing the Streams 2 has art by Eddi Fey, Joy Riddle, Rolaine Smoot.

  • Who Dares the Darkness (Adult. The guys are after an evil entity that has tortured and murdered several women. Unfortunately, it captures Egon and Ray, leaving Peter and Winston to come up with a plan to save the day.)
  • Ray and the ... Dragon?! by Tamra Giles (Slimer finds a mysterious egg. When it hatches, Ray promptly adopts the little creature that emerges. Then the fun begins.)
  • Dream Catchers by Kara Abbott (An evil demon tries to invade our world, but it can only do it through the dreams and nightmares of one individual. It chooses Ray Stantz.)
  • The Wall (poem)
  • Mirror, Dark and Bright (poem)
  • A Rare Breed by Jeanne O'Donnell (A mysterious ghost is trashing department stores. The guys try to track it, hoping to anticipate where its next attack will be. Then they notice that certain people are always present when the ghost attacks, and that puts a whole new twist on things.)
  • Perfectly Evil by Ginger Fitts (Ray has a disturbing encounter with Lordaine, evil brother to Samhain.)

Issue 3

Crossing the Streams 3 was published in 1994 and contains 137 pages. Art by Eddi Fey, Joy Riddle, Rolaine Smoot.

cover of issue #3
  • Booked for the Night by Mary Robertson (The guys get a call to go to the library. There they find that people are really getting ‘into’ the books they’re reading.) (1)
  • Forever Your Ghoul (filk) (16)
  • Unmarked Crossroads by Debra Hicks (slash situation. The ghost of an enraged father is intent on destroying his gay son’s life.) (also in "The Hicks Files") (19)
  • Every Ghost We Take (filk) (43)
  • Changing Times by Lydia Dietz (Slash. Peter and Egon are alone in the firehouse.) (44)
  • Electric Blue (filk) (48)
  • Meanwhile, Back at the Penta by Lydia Dietz (Companion piece to Changing Times. Adult. Ray has a secret rendezvous with a most unusual lover.) (5)
  • The Bogeyman’s Gonna Get You (filk) (54)
  • Dream Come True by Tamra Giles (Peter’s wish that he’d lived a different life comes true, but the result might destroy a world where the Ghostbusters never even existed.) (55)
  • Promise of a Big Fee (filk) (69)
  • Swords and Starry Nights by Debra Hicks (won a 1995 FanQ. Alternate Universe. Slash. First in a series. The police call the guys in to bust an unknown entity. The ‘entity’ turns out to be a dimensional rip. Peter is accidentally sucked through the rip and into a world of sailing ships, pirates, and a dashing pirate captain who sweeps Peter off his feet, and who looks very much like Egon.) (also in The Hicks Files) (71)
  • Ghastly (filk) (124)
  • Visited Upon the Sons by Kara Abbott (As part of a new youth program, the Ghostbusters take in a youngster who’s recently lost his family. The young man proves to be a handful in more ways than one when a demon convinces him to work against the guys.) (126)

Issue 4

Crossing the Streams 4 was published in 1994 and contains 88 pages. Art by Eddi Fey, Joy Riddle, Rolaine Smoot.

  • Fancy Fanny and the Best Little Ghosthouse in New York by Lydia Dietz (Adult. Ray is ill, and Peter takes it upon himself to tell him a ‘bedtime story’.) (1)
  • Bedtime Tails (poem) (8)
  • Partners by Tamra Giles (Egon, Winston, Ray and Peter are tight: best friends and partners. However, there’s a fifth, unacknowledged, member of the team, one whose sole purpose is to protect the other four.) (9)
  • Ecto Spirit (poem) (14)
  • Sins of the Father by Kara Abbott (death story. Peter’s father, Charlie Venkman, unexpectedly decides to settle in New York, to be close to his son, he says. The closeness father and son find doesn’t last long before the elder Venkman passes away. Peter is completely torn apart afterward, rejecting his friends’ efforts to comfort him. He even considers leaving altogether.) (15)
  • Sorrow Is Never Silent (poem) (41)
  • An Itch to Know by Vixen Foxx (Adult. Condoms, and sick jokes, and revenge. Oh my.) (43)
  • A Niche and Nine (Inches) (poem) (49)
  • Patterns of Protection by Debra Hicks (Alternate Universe. Slash. As an evil demon is spying on the Ghostbusters' world, Peter is sucked through the portal it created and into a strange, desert world filled with all sorts of people from many dimensional worlds. Meanwhile, it seems as if Peter has never left Ghostbuster Central as his very own doppelganger has replaced him. The rest of the team must figure out what’s happened in time to save their friend and two very different worlds.) (also in The Hicks Files) (51)
  • Signpost (poem) (110)
  • Celebrations by Julie Jay (Crossover: Buckaroo Banzai, X-Files, Quantum Leap, Back to the Future. Adult. It’s a party, and Janine gets the prize.) (111)
  • Eye of the Beholder by Eros (Slash. Adult. Ray wants to introduce the guys to an old ‘friend’ of his who’s come to town, but they're all busy with ‘friends’ of their own.) (117)

Issue 5

Crossing the Streams 5 was published in 1996 and contains 103 pages. Art by Aurora Black, Eddi Fey.

Fans commented on the cover of this zine: "[It has] the most amazing cover of Janine, Peter and Egon. Wowzers!" [1] and "well, don't say we didn't warn you about the cover..." [2]

  • Some Enchanted Evening by Debra Hicks (Adult. Peter, Egon, and Janine go to a conference where Peter sets about seducing both his friends.) (also in The Hicks Files) (1)
  • Second Sight by Kara Abbott (A new device does not pass a field test, and Peter is injured. Or has be been given a gift?) (13)
  • Streetlights and Stormy Days by Debra Hicks (Second in the Swords and Starry Nights trilogy. Slash. Peter and Egon finally act on the growing closeness of their relationship. The Ghostbusters also fight an entity from another dimension that steals emotions. It steals Egon’s desire, and Peter is almost beside himself with grief.) (also in The Hicks Files) (29)
  • Ghostbusters Expose’ (centerfold picture) (63)
  • Boiling Point by Gillian Fox (Crossover: Red Shoe Diaries. Adult. Janine writes a letter about an intimate encounter with an unexpected lover.) (67)
  • Heart’s Love (poem) (77)
  • Fantasies Take Flight by Debra Hicks (Companion to: Streetlights and Stormy Days. Adult. Slash. Janine shares some afternoon delight with Peter and Egon.) (also in "The Hicks Files") (79)
  • The Greening of Janine by Vixen Foxx (Adult. The guys go to a bachelor party for a friend, and Slimer tags along. He becomes extremely interested in the porno tapes, insisting that one of the women is Janine.) (91)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

There were two threesome stories in CROSSING THE STREAM 5 which were E/J/P and written by Debra Hicks (the one who writes Professionals stories, not the one who runs the RGBSlash webring). It's worth getting the zine for those stories and for the cover. [3]


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