Cordelia (movie poster)

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Name: Cordelia (movie poster)
Date(s): 2020
Medium: Movie Poster
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The Cordelia movie poster was part of the promotional campaign for a 2020 movie called Cordelia.

Cordelia movie poster


I’ve got to tell you all about the hilarious journey this image in having on twitter.

1) First, many mistook it for being a historical romance, which is probably the fault of the wallpaper. I also thought this, but if you look closer he’s wearing a modern shirt and the fabric of her dress is polyester or nylon something.

2) Okay, people said. So this is a contemporary sexy femdom romance then? No. It’s some kind of psychological thriller, which nobody would have been able to tell from that poster.

3) This image is probably supposed to be scary? No one in it looks scared, at all?

4) Everyone promptly decided they didn’t care what the movie was actually about. They started writing inpromptu fanfic scenarios based solely on the poster in twitter. I fully expect the AO3 to have a “Cordelia (movie poster)” tag by the end of next week.[1]


As of October 2020, there are five works in the Cordelia (2020) tag on Ao3, and all of them are based on or inspired by the movie poster. Furthermore, fanartists from a wide variety of fandoms have drawn their OTP in the same pose as the poster.

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  1. ^ I've got to tell you about a Tumblr reblog by adreadfulidea