Concave and Convex

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Synonyms: Opposites Attract (trope)
See also: Combi, Coupling
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Concave and convex「凸凹」refers to character duos who are opposites, yet stay together as friends or lovers. This term is used in Japanese-speaking fandom spaces similarly to how the phrase "opposites attract" is used in western ones.

The specific phrase "concave and convex" comes from the kanji 凸 (convex) and 凹 (concave.) Concave and convex pairings can be either platonic, (combi in Japanese-speaking fandom spaces,) or romantic (coupling in Japanese-speaking fandom spaces.)

The term is notably popular in Naruto and Hug! Pretty Cure fandom.

Some features which count as opposing are height differences, age differences, physique differences and more. Bantering is also commonplace for concave and convex pairings.

Example/Popular Concave and Convex Combi (凸凹コンビ)

These are all platonic.

Example/Popular Concave and Convex Couplings (凸凹カップリング)

These are all romantic.

References/Further Reading

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