Club Tik Tok

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Title: Club Tik Tok
Creator: diannelamerc & Apocalypse West
Date: 2011
Format: digital
Length: 3:31 minutes
Music: "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha
Genre: meta
Fandom: Club Vivid
Footage: original footage, multiple fandoms
URL: on AO3

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Club Tik Tok is a meta fanvid celebrating the Club Vivid dance held at Vividcon every year. The vid combines original footage of fans getting ready to attend (and then attending) Club Vivid intercut with vids often shown at the dance. The footage was not actually shot at the convention - the vidders recreated it earlier in the year in Los Angeles in order to have the video ready by the convention submission deadline. The vid opened the 2011 Club Vivid dance, following the traditional playing of The Joxer Dance.

Vidder's summary: "I <3 Club Vivid."

Vid Excerpts