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Clone Club is a term coined by the character Cosima Niehaus of Orphan Black to describe a group of clones who are aware that they are clones within the show. Over time, the term was adopted by fans as a way to designate the fandom and its members.

Other meanings for the term began to emerge over the years as fandom grew and became popular on the internet, for more information see the next sections.


The core members of the Clone Club are Sarah Manning, Cosima Niehaus, and Alison Hendrix. The first use of the term on the show refers to this group of clones that were aware of the fact that they were clones and managed to meet other clones. He later went on to designate other clone formations that had the same knowledge.

"The supposed "first rule" of the club is that outsiders, particularly non-clones, cannot know about the clones' existence."[1] That policy is quickly discarded, when more and more people learn about the clones. There are several references of the characters "joining the Clone Club". It's worth pointing out that, on the show, it appears that the sole knowledge of the clones does not equal joining the Clone Club; the characters also have to align themselves (inone way or another) with Sarah.


The term was adopted to describe the fans of the show. New or potential viewers are often invited to "join the Clone Club"[2] and become a fan of the show. The term seems to emphasize a sense of community[3].

When used to desribe fanfic or headcanons, it indicates a setting in which all clones are more or less in the same place (often housemates, but not necessarily), and usually live their lifes happily or recover from the brutal canon plot. These are usually fluff oriented and/or domestic.

The term is also used by fandom for tagging purposes, those it's more influential on Twitter, as Tumblr tends to tag with the name of the show first.


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