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Synonym(s)Lexa!Chip, Lexa the Friendly Chip, Lexa the Chip, Flame!Lexa
Related tropes/genresGod!Lexa
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Chip!Lexa, or Lexa the Friendly Chip, is a fanon term referring to the AI computer chip that held Lexa's mind in The 100 television series. It is mainly used in a humorous way by fans who ship Clarke Griffin/Lexa (also known as Clexa) to make fun of the AI storyline in Season 3, and gave rise to the crack ship pairing of Clarke/Chip!Lexa (also known as Clip).

The term came about after the character of Lexa was killed off mid-way in Season 3 in the episode titled "Thirteen". Although her physical body had died, her mind was saved in an AI computer chip known as the Flame. Clexa fans noticed how protective of the chip Lexa's canon love interest Clarke Griffin was, at one point yelling that "It's Lexa!" when another character tried to destroy it. Fans were also amused that Clarke carried the chip around in her breast pocket and often took it out to stare longingly at it, with Clarke at one point speaking to the inanimate chip as if it were Lexa with complete sincerity.

Fan Comments

Never in a million years did I think it would come to the day where I ship an actual human being with a chip...... A CHIP ![1]


ME: Mom,dad... There's something you need to know about my sexuality. I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from and will accept me for who I am. I think I, I think I-I, I'm attracted to chips.[2]

me: *smiling at phone*

mom: boy?

me: no, Lexa the friendly chip touching Clarke's tiddies.[3]

What did chip Lexa say to Clarke?

So, Clarke I guess you could say we're walking abreast. I mean just let me know if it gets a little nippy outside. Because I wouldn't want you to get a chest cold....By the way, I'm touching your boob.[4]

Clarke and the Lexa chip have by far the best romantic storyline of The 100.[5]

But Clarke and Sinclair throwing around Harry Potter style spells to activate Lexa the Friendly Chip™ though...
"Wingardium Lexiosa!"[6]

The blarkes being surprised we would ship Clarke with god!Lexa? I literally read Clarke/Chip!Lexa fanfiction back in the dark days of 2016 where Clarke used the chip to masturbate because Lexa made it vibrate, and the blarkes think I will not ship her with the physical manifestation of Lexa in god form who is hot af mind you? Insanity, no braincells at all[7]

(Editor's note: It is unclear which fic the post is specifically referring to as there is more than once fic matching this description.)


Many of the fanworks involving Chip!Lexa are of the crack variety.


  • I can feel you. by Tangledinprose - She's shaky and weary and happy. And in pain from how much she feels. From how much she can feel. She closes her eyes again, focuses on the buzz against her ear. 'Klark. Klark. Klark.' She chokes, fear and want and impossible pressed against her lips. Tears escapes her eyes and she gasps. "Lexa?" Or The one is which Lexa is dead, but they still find their way together. Or The fic in which I tried to fix it but I don't know if I fixed shit all.
  • the flame is a vibrator for The 100 Anon Kink Meme 2016 - prompt: Clexa. The commanders chip can also be used as a vibrator and Clarke uses it frequently - even in her ass.
  • Clarke and the chip. by Peyton123S - Clarke has a special moment with Lexa.
  • Lexa The Friendly Chip (orphaned fic) - Prompt: Lexa the friendly chip. [AN: A.K.A the shit I do for you kids.]


Manips and Memes


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