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Synonyms: Blue eyes
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Cerulean refers to a blue pigment made with cobalt stannate.

The term Cerulean Orbs is sometimes used in fanfiction to describe very blue eyes. It is frequently an indicator that the text is purple prose, satire, or sarcasm.

The word "orb" itself is often used to describe eyes. Variations include emerald orbs, onyx orbs, dark orbs, chocolate orbs, etc.

Examples of Use in Fanfictionn

Frodo Baggins in Lord of the Rings (movie!verse) [1]

Sam blinked a bit and kissed the top of it slowly as Frodo's hands dug into the marsh, moist dirt getting under his fingernails, but he paid it no mind. Sam now was kissing up and down the first few inches of his sweet length, savoring it for the moment as dark godiva curls fell over Frodo's cerulean orbs.

Xena in Xena: Warrior Princess[2]

And when she caught me with those beloved cerulean orbs, so that there was no one, not another soul between us.... I clutched my fists to my chest, and began to make my way to her.

Daniel Jackson in SG1[3]

Finally reaching Sam's room, Daniel lingered by the door, almost as if he didn't want her to leave him. His eyes met hers and he held her gaze with his clear, cerulean orbs.

Eriol in Card Captor Sakura[4]

Eriol sank into his seat and waited patiently. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he glanced at the darkening sky. It was a dark grey color; sheets of wistful clouds capturing the sunlight in a greedy act, leaving the earth dim, and gloomy.

Deep cerulean orbs glided so easily with the grey silk, looking without actually seeing.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles from One Direction[5]

Louis's eyes travelled to Harry's, blue meeting green. Through Harry's long, thick eyelashes, he could see the love brimming for him in Louis's cerulean blue orbs.

Harry’s heart leapt in mirth at Louis’ words, but then thoughts of sadness worked their way into Harry’s head, due to the fact that he suddenly remembered he had work that night. But seeing Louis’ gorgeous azure orbs boring into his own, he couldn’t resist.

There were no love behind those two Pulchritudinous emerald orbs. There were no love at all. He looked right through Louis and as if he was a no-one.

Harry would rather die than have Louis looking at him with eyes filling nothing but hollowness, as if they didn't acknowledge the chocolate brown curly-haired, green orbed boy.

Francoise/003 in Cyborg 009[6]

She sat forlornly on the divan facing the glass door that led to the deck and then stretched out, lying down as tears welled up in her aquamarine orbs.

"Oh Joe, where are you now?" she asked miserably as she closed her eyes and the warm rivulets squeezed through her inky lashes.

Fan Comments

Kyungsoo : h-

Fanfic writer : the doe eyed boy looked up with his big doe eyes that shine so brightly. His orbs were huge you’d think his big eyes would get out of their sockets[7]

me: hi

wattpad fanfic writer: I walked by and could feel the heat of his green orbs probing my back[8]

fanfic author: he got off his motorbike


fanfic author: lit his cigarette


fanfic author: pierced his green orbs into hers

me: uh huh

fanfic author: then stepped closer pulled her into a kiss, their tongues battled for dominance[9]

A weird fanfic reader quirk of mine is that I always get a little nervous when I see the word “wanton” in a fic because of all the ones I read in the early 2000s that misspelled it “wonton.”

Wonton moans.

So many wonton moans and chocolate orbs.

Maybe we were all just hungry.[10]

Also no one is ever allowed to make fun of teen girls using "orbs" to describe eyes in their fanfic again because here I am reading one of the Classics™ and Bram Stoker just did that exact same shit[11]

Girls the next time someone gives you shit for that just be like "Well if it's good enough for Bram Stoker..." flip your hair/the bird and keep writing your goofass fanfic

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Cerulean Tints

Technically several blue colors use the name cerulean (chart from Wikipedia:Cerulean)

  • Pale Cerulean (Pantone Cerulean) (Hex: #9BC4E2) (RGB: 155, 196, 226)
  • Bright Cerulean (Crayola Cerulean) (Hex: #02A4D3) (RGB: 2, 164, 211)
  • Cerulean (Cerulean pigment) (Hex: #007BA7) (RGB: 0, 123, 167)
  • Cerulean Blue (Cerulean blue pigment) (Hex: #2A52BE) (RGB: 42, 82, 190)
  • Dark Cerulean (Hex: #08457E) (RGB: 8, 69, 126)


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