Cerulean Orbs

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Synonyms: Blue eyes
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Cerulean refers to a blue pigment made with cobalt stannate.

The term Cerulean Orbs is sometimes used in fanfiction to describe very blue eyes. It is frequently an indicator that the text is Purple prose, satire, or sarcasm.

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Cerulean Tints

Technically several blue colors use the name cerulean (chart from Wikipedia:Cerulean)

  • Pale Cerulean (Pantone Cerulean) (Hex: #9BC4E2) (RGB: 155, 196, 226)
  • Bright Cerulean (Crayola Cerulean) (Hex: #02A4D3) (RGB: 2, 164, 211)
  • Cerulean (Cerulean pigment) (Hex: #007BA7) (RGB: 0, 123, 167)
  • Cerulean Blue (Cerulean blue pigment) (Hex: #2A52BE) (RGB: 42, 82, 190)
  • Dark Cerulean (Hex: #08457E) (RGB: 8, 69, 126)


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