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Also see Cat Tales for fanworks with a similar title.
Title: Cat Tales (catwoman)
Author(s): Chris Dee
Date(s): 2001- present
Length: over 1,500,000 words
Genre: Action, Romance
Fandom: Catwoman,Batman,Justice League
External Links: Cat Tales web site, Cat Tales on TV Tropes

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Cat Tales is a set of Catwoman stories by Chris Dee, set in a universe based on DC Comics and the animated DC universe, and revolving around a Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne ship. Other important relationships include Clark Kent/Lois Lane and Dick Grayson/Barbara Gordon. It was written initially as a reaction against Frank Miller's portrayal of Catwoman, and a muck-raking journalist named F. Miller appears in several stories.

There are currently[1] sixty stories in the series, all of which can be read on line, with a good deal of supporting material including art, side stories by other authors, etc. Most of the fiction can be downloaded as ePub books, individually and as volumes combining several stories:

  • Volume 1 - Selina Kyle reacts to press attention by staging a one-woman stage show to express her own take on things. This brings the unresolved tension between her and Batman to a head, and they begin a relationship which outsiders see as Selina/Bruce, with Batman apparently distanced. This volume focuses on the early stage of the relationship, the reactions of other heroes and villains, etc.
  • Volume 2 - Dick Grayson marries Barbara Gordon, there's more unwelcome newspaper attention on Catwoman, and The Joker and Harley Quinn split up.
  • Volume 3 - The relationship continues to develop, but tragic events impact it.
  • Volume 4 - A near-apocalypse sends Selina into multiple parallel realities, and a major villain learns Bruce's secret.
  • Volume 5 - Selina finds herself cast into unexpected roles - as queen of the Gotham underworld, and as a crime fighter.
  • Volume 6 (WIP) - The relationship continues, and marriage is starting to look possible.

Additional stories by other authors archived on the Cat Tales site include:

  • Capes and Bats by Wanders Nowhere -- Batman / Dracula crossover.
  • JLAin’t by MyklarCure -- Three stories exploring the JLA reaction to the main stories.
  • Reap What You Sow by Allaine -- A long story set in a parallel universe mentioned in volume 4, in which the Joker is killed.

There are several others, some complete and others WIP.

Additionally, other authors have used the general background framework of Cat Tales as background for their own work; most notably, the multiple crossover series A Brane of Extraordinary Women by Diane Castle (with contributions by several others) begins with The League of Extraordinary Women, which brings together women from several worlds, including the Cat Tales version of Selina Kyle, to fight an evil threatening several dimensions. Later stories are set in several worlds, including the Cat Tales universe.


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