Broken Arrow

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Title: Broken Arrow
Author(s): Shattered_Heartless
Date(s): December 7, 2020
Length: 7536 words
Genre: het
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
External Links: Fanfic archived
Art archived
Broken Arrow banner.png

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Broken Arrow is an upcoming GabeNath fanfiction written for the GabeNath Reverse Bang by Shattered_Heartless. It is rated T for Teen (rating). The fic was beta-read by GranadaCtonica.

The premise for the fic is based on artwork created by novatheastropirate.[1]

Fic Info

Through a picturesque field with Greek ruins, a golden winged Adrien leads Nathalie down a path, who is wearing a fashionable blue dress in an ancient Greek style.
This art piece by novatheastropirate served as the inspiration for Broken Arrow.


Ordinary innkeeper Nathalie is plagued with visions of a captive Gabriel, begging for help. She sets out to recruit his son Adrien, the Demigod of Love, to aid her in freeing Gabriel from Emilie, the goddess of beauty. But Nathalie doesn’t know the secret that Adrien keeps from her that may tear them all apart.

Additional Tags

Alternate Universe, References to Ancient Greek Religion & Lore, Cupid Adrien, evil Emilie, Badass Nathalie, Gabe needs a hug, Flashbacks, Cliffhangers, GabeNath Reverse Bang, GabeNath Reverse Bang 2020


Oh no :( I know Adrien was just doing what he had to do to save Gabriel, but that's awful for Nathalie. But maybe they can fall in love for real now!ShadowMayura, Dec 7, 2020 [2]
AHHHHHHHHHHHHH 😭😭😭😭 Nathalie why did you have to leave!!! HE LOVES YOU! IN THIS UNIVERSE HE LOVES YOU OPENLY! please please tell me you are going to continue this with more chapters! i wanna know more about nathalie anf i want her to come to her senses and be with gabriel 😝 also the story was amazing!! i loved all of it! the emilie 🧃, the fantasy, the arrows, adrien totally setting up gabriel and nathalie like in canon 😝 so well done! 😍hopesartcastle, Dec 8, 2020 [3]
“Anything I had ever felt for you, it was just a lie put in my head.”

“Maybe it was a lie then, but it’s not for me right now.” As Nathalie looked up at him confused, he continued, “No one ever tried to free me. No one had ever faced down gods and traveled the distance you have to find me.” “What are you saying?” “I love you,” Gabriel confessed. “Even without the love arrow, I love you.”


that ending hurt my heart a lil, but knowing that their story isn't over and that someday they'll meet again makes it betteramsves, Dec 8, 2020 [4]

AAAAAHW, OH GODS! I LOVE THIS FIC!!! 😍😍 It was really beautiful, exciting and the twists were never lacking... The events were anything but obvious!

I was sitting on the edge of the chair the whole time... That "Major Character Death" had me foretold the worst (Nathalie's death), but instead * luckily * I was wrong!

Really epic fanfiction, I'm so glad I read this AU! ♥ ️Anonim_Girl05, Dec 11, 2020 [5]


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