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Name: Bottom Cas Big Bang
Date(s): 2019 - present
Type: Big Bang - Fanfiction, Fanart
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:
URL: bottomcasbigbang
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Bottom Cas Big Bang is a big bang challenge in Supernatural fandom, focused on the Dean/Castiel pairing, where the character of Cas is the bottom in the relationship. Authors had to write a minimum of 15,000 words, and artists had to create a minimum of one piece of art.



Title: Deep Roots
Author: leafzelindor
Artist: dalnimmoonlight
Side pairings (if applicable): None
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 20,455
Tags/Warnings: Bottom Castiel/Top Dean Winchester, Light BDSM, Dom/sub, Dom Dean Winchester, Sub Castiel, Alternate Universe, Tattoo Artist Dean Winchester, Professor Castiel, implied bad dom behavior. Mentioned castiel/naomi, Bisexuality, Bearded Dean Winchester, Tattooed Dean Winchester, Mentioned past homophobia, mentioned past biphobia
Summary: Castiel Novak is a religious studies professor who has broken away from the cultish life he’s been brought up in. While in recovery from a bad relationship he decides he’s finally ready to get the tattoo of his dreams. He choses the shop owned by Dean Winchester, and finds himself intensely attracted to and comfortable with the handsome artist. Dean, facing some of his own personal demons, takes a chance on Cas as well, and both of them may have found exactly what they need, in each other.

Title: Inefable
Author: Rin kamelot
Artist: Diminuel
Side pairings (if applicable): Arthur Ketch / Dean Winchester
Rating: Explícit
Word Count: 10, 310 Written/Created for
Tags/Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply / Spanish Language, Alternate Universe, Bottom Cass, Explicit Sexual Content, Mentions of Dean Winchester with Arthur Ketch, Dean POV, Charlie Bradbury, Professor Chuck, Sex Anal, Masturbation, loss of virginity, first time, Destiel, Alcohol, art class, painting, angel castiel, romance.
Summary: Cuando el profesor de pintura, Chuck, les mando de trabajo final hacer la pintura de un ángel, Dean nunca se imaginó que recibiría inspiración divina. Cuando un muy real Castiel aparece en medio de su sala.

Title: Are You Your Father’s Son?
Author: Adestielable
Artist: Kamicon
Side pairings (if applicable): Jessica Moore/Sam Winchester, Charlie Bradbury/Gilda, Samandriel (Alfie)/Benny Lafitte, Jo Harvelle/Victor Henriksen, Meg Masters/Gadreel
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 36,303
Tags/Warnings: Medieval AU, Kingdom AU, Non Traditional A/B/O Biology, True Mates, Enemies (on one person’s side) to lovers, Servant Castiel, Prince/King Dean. | Warnings: John is every omega’s biggest fear, Rape/Non-Con (not explicitly shown or described), attempted sexual assault, I put rape/non-con in the warnings but there is none technically shown, John attempts to rape/sexually assault Alfie but he doesn’t get to, Dean inadvertently saves Alfie, Genuinely Good Guy Dean, all Dean wants to do is fix the wrongs of his ancestors before him, all he wants to do is protect and cherish omegas and the people of his kingdom.
Summary: For as long Castiel could remember, he had always known of how he was promised to the crown prince. He was never to go farther than the castle’s kitchen, in case some alpha saw him and got handsy, and from the hours of eight in the morning to noon he was to attend schooling with one of King John’s beta sons. If that wasn’t bad enough, he grew up only hearing rumors of the rumor of how he came to be promised to the crown prince, because, his mother—the one person who could tell him exactly why and how his fate had been sealed!—wouldn’t even approach the topic. Castiel couldn’t even guess why he’d been promised to the prince, either. He wasn’t royalty. He was just a kitchen servant’s son. It was highly unusual and even seen as wrong that he was to be mated by the prince who would someday be King. Castiel hated it. He hated having his entire future already being set in stone because if anything was certain, it was that he would not grow old. If King John was anything to go by, his son would be even worse than him. King John had had several wives and each one had been neglected and left to wither and perish alone. The crown prince was his father’s son, so Castiel knew he was doomed to the same fate as King John’s wives. On the eve of his first heat, his plans to hide away until it was over are thwarted when guards come to collect him. And when he comes face-to-face with the young King Dean Winchester, the strangest thing happens: he is left unmated. In the morning, he learns that things have changed. The kingdom Castiel knew is gone, and in place of it, is a new one. Under the same name as the last, but everything is different. The kingdom thrives under King Dean’s reign, and omegas have just as many rights as alphas and betas. They even are allowed to refuse one who wishes to court them if they don’t want to mate. Which means that Castiel can refuse the King’s courting proposal. However… Castiel doesn’t outright refuse Dean’s courtship, because, well, Dean is different. Dean is soft and kind, he’s caring and thoughtful. He doesn’t posture and intimidate like other alphas, and best of all, he doesn’t believe omegas are lesser than alphas or betas. Dean is like the alpha Castiel pictured himself mating in his dreams. Still, as Dean begins to court him, Castiel remains vigilant. The ever present fear that Dean was just playing some game of cat and mouse with him always keeping him on edge. But months go by of Dean being nothing but a gentleman to Castiel, and every omega he ever comes in contact with, even! And then a year comes and goes. And then Castiel turns eighteen. The age which Dean set as the minimum age a person could be mated, and Castiel expects Dean to demand he make a decision. But after he talks with a friend and is told Dean hasn’t been courting him because he was not of age, Castiel and his omega fall out of synch. That night, Castiel thinks about his time with Dean and the people he’s come to call friends. That’s when he has an epiphany about Dean, and his feelings for the alpha. That night is the turning point for Castiel, when he realizes just how far he’s fallen for Dean. And just how much he is okay with that.

Title: Second Chances
Author: thomary221b
Beta: JaylahStark
Artist: diminuel
Side pairings (if applicable): Sam/Gabriel (only mention)
Rating: Mature
Word Count: +16K
Tags/Warnings: Spanish Fanfic, Purgatory, Canon-Typical Violence, Canon Divergence, Season/Serie 8, Drama, Romance, Lemon, Wingkink, Grace, Mpreg and others tags.
Summary: Being trapped in Purgatory after defeating Dick Roman, leader of the Leviathan. Castiel leaves Dean to keep him safe but he does not know why and begins a desperate search to find him. On the way he meets a person who thought he was lost and with a vampire who wants a trip home, they will somehow become allies.

Title: Humanity’s Grace
Author: BluEye22
Artist: Blu Bunn
Beta: Lady_Destiel_Winchester
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 32,620
Tags/Warning: Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions of Violence, Castiel/Dean Winchester, Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Billy (Supernatural), Original Male Character(s), Chuck Shurley God (Supernatural), Bottom Castiel/Top Dean Winchester, Bottom Castiel (Supernatural), Top Dean Winchester, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Attempted Rape/Non-Con, Abducted Castiel, Torture, Hurt Castiel (Supernatural), Survival, Search and Rescue, Dean Winchester to the Rescue, Animal Torture, animal cruelty, Non-Consensual Kissing, Non-Consensual Groping, Manipulation, Protective Dean Winchester, Protective Sam Winchester, Grace as a weapon, BAMF Castiel (Supernatural), BAMF Sam Winchester, BAMF Dean Winchester, Animal Lover Castiel (Supernatural), Abduction Angst with a Happy Ending, Thriller, Graphic Description, Graphic Description of Corpses, Blood and Gore, Animal Abuse, Harm to Animals, Animal Attack, Minor Character Death
Summary: A group lead by a sadistic torturer is on the search for a weapon to bring forth plans that can have a detrimental impact on the Earth and the supernatural. This man believes Sam, Dean, and Cas have a weapon that has been prophesized to help or hinder his efforts; and believes Cas is the key to getting this weapon and abducts him. Cas is in a fight to survive; while Dean and Sam are in a fight to get Cas back.

Title: Castle in the Forest
Author: TaymeeLove
Artist: Thali-lemmonpie
Challenge: Bottom Cas Bing Bang
Side pairings (if applicable): Past Dean/Others
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 12,000
Tags/Warnings: Past relations between Dean and female hunters mentioned. Endverse. Winged Cas. Angel Anna. Angel Alfie. Lucifer wearing Sam. Vampire Benny. Ex-Crossroads Demon Crowley. Prophet Kevin. Owl Kevin. God Chuck. Top Dean/Bottom Castiel.
Summary: Dean is just going through the motions on everything. From breathing to being the leader of the camp, nothing has meaning for him anymore after Sam left. But, everything changes when he finds a picture of a castle in the forest that looks like it hasn’t been touched by the croats or any fires from the area. Will he find a haven there or is it a trap set up by Lucifer?

Title: Used Goods
Author: Vera (rathskitten)
Artist: soluscheese
Side pairings: Sam/Eileen (mentioned)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: almost 10.000
Tags/Warnings: none
Summary: Dean is trying to find a meaningful relationship and give up on one night stands. But one last time won’t hurt, right? Enter Castiel.

Title:Free Fallin’
Author name: CassondraWinchester
Artist: zephyrchrysalis
Rating: Explicit
Side-pairings: John/Mary, Sam/Jo
Genre: A/B/O, romance, AU
Warnings: No major warnings
Tags: A/B/O, True Mates, Claiming, Knotting, Anal fingering, Rimming, Slight Panty Kink, Dr. Dean, Office Administrator Cas, Romance, fluff, Smut, Very little angst, feel good fic, Rom Com’ish, Alpha Dean, Omega Cas
Summary: Dean Winchester was prepared to relax on his porch after a day of hard work. He had the perfect cup of cocoa to compliment the beautiful fall night. It was picture perfect, except for the drunk man falling out of an taxi across the street…


Title: Wayward Sons
Author: Substiel
Artist: bees0are0awesome
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 29k
Archive Warning: Graphic Depiction of Violence
Summary: It’s the year 1919 and the Wayward Sons are the most powerful criminal organization in the country. It’s ruled by Dean Winchester who bares the Mark of Cain. A curse given to him when Mary Winchester made a deal with the Devil to save her dying son. Dean was always a cold blood killer who did everything for business, and he never let anyone into his heart. He didn’t dare let himself get too close to someone. That was until the Roadhouse hired a new bartender. Castiel always admired Dean from afar for helping the lower class have a voice. For some reason, the bartender knows how to get under Dean’s skin. There was something different about him which led to the beginning of their newfound relationship. Two broken souls finding each other in the middle.

Title: My Bloody Luck
Author: TaymeeLove
Artist: Kamicom
Rating: Mature
Word count: 16k
Summary: Castiel was a struggling actor who never had luck on his side in life or his relationships. He met with an accident and his life was never the same after. Will his luck in relationships turn around this time?

Title: Metanoia
Author: adestielable
Artist: Noavice
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 24k
Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Underage
Summary: Castiel’s existence has been nothing but pain, humiliation, and degradation. He’s an omega in a world where omegas are objects for an alpha’s enjoyment. After a brutal assault on his nineteenth birthday, Castiel began entering into beastie fights—matches where instead of people going head to head, bio and mechanically engineered beasts fight to the death. And in Castiel’s months of fights, he’s not lost once. It’s after one of these fights where Castiel meets Dean, his supposed true mate. Castiel hates alphas, and has vowed never to let one into his life because all alphas do is inflict pain. Yet…Dean is different. And Castiel finds he can’t help being drawn to him.

Title: Profound Kisses
Author: BENKA79
Artist: Gio (sketching-fox)
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 20k
Summary: Dean knows he’s screwed. He discovers he is in love with Castiel in Purgatory, and now he can’t even have the angel in front of him, because he knows it’s a one sided love. It’s Valentine’s day and Dean tries very hard to hook up as always, but he can’t get Cas out of his mind. So he drives back to the motel, drunk, and he finds Castiel trying to help him. Then, when Dean asks Castiel for some experimental kisses and the angel accepts, Dean starts a very dangerous game… finding in Castiel’s kisses the most delicious experiences, but also, his own perdition. Will Castiel fall in love with him? Or will he stay emotionless as always?

Title: Sparks
Author: DragonSgotenks
Artist: VampyRosa
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 20k
Summary: Omega Cas meets Alpha Dean during one of the worst weeks of his life. Sparks fly when they realize they’re truemates. But after a wild and intense night that ends with both of them sporting new mating bites, could a simple misunderstanding tear the new couple apart before they even have a chance to begin?

Title: Lesson Number 1: Monsters are Real
Author: blueye22
Artist: kuwlshadow
Rating: Explicit
word count: 20k
Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Summary: When Anael “Jo” Novak goes missing during a hike in the mountains with her boyfriend, worried brother, Castiel, goes in search of her. Castiel is surprised to receive the help of FBI agents, Dean and Sam. But what are they hiding?

You At the End of the Rail
Author: spnsmile
Artist: verobatto-angelxhunter
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 30k
Archive Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence
Summary: Dean receives a text message from a new human Cas telling him of his suspicion that angels have found him in Gas n Sip. Still filled with guilt for kicking the ex-angel out of the Bunker, Dean steps up to make it up to his friend. Worried, Dean concludes the ex-angel has to disappear for many days so he asks Cas where he wants to go. Cas’ answer? Trains. Fucking trains.

Title: On Your Knees
Author: raths_kitten
Artist: angeltortured
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 14k
Summary: When Dean gets the assignment to follow the Fallen Angels on tour and write a feature article on them, he isn‘t their biggest fan. But that quickly changes when he hears them play live - and meets their charismatic lead singer Castiel in person.

Title: Just Like in the Movies
Author: noxsoulmate
Artist: lotrspnfangirl
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 46k
Summary: In a world where a new mark appears whenever you fall in love, Hollywood sweetheart, Castiel James, is known for his unblemished skin. Oh, he has the faint shadows of old crushes and childish infatuations, but no mark is that of something deep and true. No mark has ever stuck, no mark has ever become more than a hazy outline. Because Cas, well… Cas has never been in love. The skin of bookshop owner Dean Winchester, however, tells another tale entirely. Dean loves freely, quickly, and deeply. He loves his family, he loves his friends, he still cares for his exes. While the first two don’t show on his skin, the latter do. All brushed over his body in various shapes and forms and colors. Of varying clarity. But even Dean has yet to get that one mark. That mark that sticks. The mark that is so deep, and so sharp, and so clear, it can only be that of a profound bond. These two men share a common hope; a common desire. That one day, they might have a mark that means they have found a love that is as deep and true as love can be - just like in the movies.

Title: Granted
Author: Andromache_42
Artist: agusvedder
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 20k
Summary: At forty-one, Dr. Castiel Novak is the proud recipient of a generous grant to fund his project on sustainability and urban farming from the Campbell Foundation, a small investing firm based out of Chicago. The night before he meets the award committee, lonely and pushed by his friend Balthazar, Castiel has the best sex of his life during a casual Grindr hook-up with “just-visiting” forty-seven-year-old Dean. Castiel’s life appears to be coming together, until he discovers that Dean is the head of the grant award committee. For the sake of professionalism, Castiel is willing to ignore the intense attraction between the two of them, but Dean turns out to be too tempting to resist.

Title: Finding Bigfoot
Author: Desirae
Artist: Tamapochi
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 22k
Summary: “Don’t be such a worrywart. It’s vacation time. Campfires, fishing, beer. What’s better than that?” “Apparently a sasquatch sighting?” Castiel snarked, with an arched brow. “Well, yeah. I mean, Sam’s a good substitute, but it’d be nice to see the real thing,” Dean grinned. Finding Bigfoot wasn’t exactly on the itinerary when Dean, Cas, and Sam planned their annual boys-only camping trip, but with his brother in a noticeable funk, Dean was prepared to do what he had to do. Even if it meant keeping quiet about a long-waited love confession from his best friend. Determined to stay focused on distracting Sam from his troubles, and not make him feel like a third wheel, Dean and Castiel decide to keep their new relationship status to themselves, until after vacation is over. After years of mutual pining, that shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Title: Meet me at Sunset
Author: Suus_Arido
Artist: celstese
Rating: Mature
Word count: 55k
Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con
Summary: Ever since the Barrier of Melaina fell and plunged the worlds of men, monsters and magic together, the Republic Elohim has kept its citizens save with help from the hunter organization the Red Circle. Dean Winchester has never known how the world looked before the fall of the barrier. He and his family have been part of the Red Circle for generations and he knew it was his faith to die in battle. All he is supposed to want is to protect the innocents from darkness. But how can he when his soul is dark and corrupt? As the monsters start to adapt and become more intelligent, the rise of chaos is not far behind. It’s midst this chaos that Dean meets a human with the name of an angel. Not only does this man believe in the salvation of the world but he also seems to believe that Dean is redeemable as well. A love story may perhaps develop but Dean knows better, for it is known that the faith of a hunter is tragedy. Will Dean be able to make the right call? Even when blue eyes turn unrecognizable?

Title: Beyond Borders
Author: xHaruka17x
Artist: Diminuel
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 53k
Summary: Sometimes doing what is right, what feels right, doesn’t mean you’ll escape the consequences of those actions. Dean Winchester is the Head Alpha of one of the largest packs of the Western Hemisphere. He is days away from being a married and mated Alpha, ready for the next chapter in his life to commence, only for a horrific accident to change everything. Adam, Dean and Sam’s little brother, is killed in a car accident across the globe in Russia. Dean finds out his little brother’s now widowed Omega is all alone and pregnant, left to the mercy of his horrible home pack. Dean makes a decision and he knows things will explode when he gets back home, but he knows in his heart it’s the right thing to do.

Title: The Cleric’s Birthright
Author: Scribo_Vivere
Artist: yoyo-deano
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 34k
Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death
Summary: Castiel Novak lost his husband and the love of his life, Balthazar, three years ago in a slaying no one has been able to solve. Burying himself in his work at the university as a leading anthropology professor there, he attempts to put the past behind him. When vicious murders begin to plague him in an eerie replication of Balthazar’s death, Castiel decides to find out on his own what sort of evil has descended upon them all. But the answers he’s looking for may not be so easily found, and the revelation forced upon him could destroy everything he knows - about himself, his world, and the faith he once held so dear. Complicating things is his new relationship with Dean Winchester, who may or may not be what he appears. Why is Castiel inexplicably drawn to him like a moth to the flame?

Title: To Soar Without Grace
Author: QuillsAndInk
Rating: Explicit
Archive Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Summary: Castiel is an alpha and a cleric serving the gods of his kingdom and wielding their power in preparation to join a holy war. When he gets taken by the heretical high prince of a rival kingdom, Castiel knows his fate is sealed. That is, until prince Dean tries to persuade him to take on a mad quest to kill his father and end the holy war. With heretical magic Castiel can’t understand forcing him away from the gods he’s always served, Castiel joins Dean. But in the mountain wilderness in the dead of winter with only his sworn enemy for company, can Dean and Castiel get past their differences or will the war swallow them up.

Title: Cow Bells and Snow Globes
Author: Pimento
Rating: Explicit
Summary: It really doesn’t matter what the gossip columns say. Dean knows the International Ski Champion Castiel Novak, aka, Casanova of the Slopes is actually just Cas. Loyal, kind, caring Cas. The same Cas he’s absolutely not had a crush on since they were teenagers on the competitive circuit. He’s had two plus decade’s practice at hiding his feelings, how difficult can it be to suppress them a little longer. They just so happen to be in the same ski resort, at the same time for an entire season, so Dean is damn well gonna enjoy having his friend back in his life for a while and not screw it up. The fact that he seems to have the magic touch with the grumpy teenage daughter that Cas is trying so desperately to reconnect with is just an opportunity to ease his friends’ troubles while he finds his feet again.