Benny Lafitte

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Name: Benny Lafitte
Occupation: Vampire
Fandom: Supernatural
Other: played by Ty Olsson
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Benny Lafitte is a fictional recurring character from the Supernatural television series, portrayed by Ty Olsson.



When Benny is in a romantic pairing in fanworks it is overwhelmingly as part of a slash ship, which include:

Benny rarely features in het fic, when he does it is most often with reader inserts or original female characters. There are some fics focusing on Andrea Kormos/Benny Lafitte, Benny's canonical love interest, but this is usually characterized as a past relationship

Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Purgatory: focused on his time in purgatory
  • Human Benny: Benny being turned back into a human, or in Mundane AUs where he was always human
  • Resurrection: Benny being resurrected from Purgatory somehow


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