Born To Kill

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Title: Born To Kill
Creator: ringwench
Date: October 2006
Format: WMV
Length: 4:58 minutes
Music: Born to Kill - Matthew Good Band
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: Streaming Youtube; vid announcement
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Born To Kill is a Supernatural fanvid by ringwench. It was reviewed by deathisyourart on August 7, 2007 at the reel. The vid premiered at the Wincon 2006 vid show.

The vid won numerous awards including: Art of Vidding Awards (Special Dude Award), a Black Key Sugar'd Locket Awards (Best Video), Tolerable Cruelty Awards (Best Video), Friendly Neighborhood Awards (Best Video), Big Bad Man Awards, With Silence & Tears Awards, Magick 8 Ball Awards (Best Video), Poetry in Motion Awards, Creative Creations Awards (Best Action), Reckless Abandon Awards (Best Song Use), Lost Memories Awards (Best Editing), and Driver Picks The Music Awards (Best Video).


This is a vid that says more than the first viewing would suggest, and I keep coming back to it for that reason. Though I thoroughly enjoy and love this vid as a whole, as well as the argument that the vid puts forth, the vid for me seems to slow down and simplify as it gets closer to the end -- which in part has to do with the decreased timeline covered in the final minute and a half of the vid.[1]

The editing was so sweeping and dramatic, and the use of zooms in succession like toward the end with Sam deciding whether or not to pull the trigger (making it feel as if everything is in motion, out of control) is something I've always been a big fan of in vids.[2]

From the very beginning, with the use of those very untraditional shots (the hand turning the dial, the gun on the map, the waiting), I was totally in love. I love so much what you've done here, and how you've used the footage - Mary's death segued into Jess's, the slow-motion gunshot at 1:58 kicking off with that slide of the music and impacting on the beat, the parallels and overlays and flashes that actually really work, that horrible tension ratcheting up and up and this entire life of guns and searching and hunting and violence, those shots of the real respective beginnings for them, and that awful almost-crescendo like the end of Day in the Life, and just - stillness."[3]

Powerful throughout, but I don't think I've ever seen an ending so -- so -- well, perfect as this one. The song built to a crescendo anyway and those pictures superimposed on the three of them in the car with the underlying "flat-line" sound was -- I don't have words."[4]

Structurally the whole thing is perfect: the anticipation of the opening, the pace of the editing as the song picks up, the quick cuts of the books/images etc (the tools of their trade), slowing it down at about 3:20 with the shots of the boys and then John lifting his head to show the yellow eyes, and then wow! the ending. I love the way you used all those gorgeous landscape shots and the inserts at the end. I'd like to use this vid to show my film studies class what fans can do with the footage and as an example of how music can be used to set the pace/rhythm of the editing." [5]

Kitty - My favorite supernatural video! I remember when I watched this for the first time how blown away I was by this video and I still am. The music use, the editing, the clip choices, the mood and the extra effects all caught my eye. This video was actually the one that converted me to Sony Vegas and if it wasn't for this video, I don't think that I would be the vidder that I am today. Your video was my biggest inspiration. Incredible job, Ringwench!Flor - Well, this is hard cause I dont watch Supernatural. But honestly I really liked this video. I love the whole mood you set up for it, and coloring/editing/song worked perfectly well. Well of course I dont understand whats going on, but still, you kept me watching the whole time, till the very end. I’ve seen a lot of Supernatural vids, and this is definitely one of the best. Great work![6]

A chillingly moody look at Supernatural's Winchester family, and their shady pasts. The video presents a very insightful look into their lives, and does so with mastery." Read the full review archived here.

Its more than the less you say you do/It's more than the shot that gets you through/Born to buy into something. This is THE SPN vid to beat for me. I've totally had a love affair with it since I first found it. Lyrically the song is pretty simple but the visual and musical aspects are matched up so well to give the vid more POWER than anything I've seen from this fandom so far. Honestly, my words do it no justice. So I'll just say, if there was one vid for you to download, this would be the one.[7]

The Winchesters, the YED, and the family business. I love Matt Good; his songs build slowly and then explode with dramatic instrumentals. This video is no different. The most gorgeous clips from the first season were incorporated, lending a very cinematic feel.[8]


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