Blood Ties (X-Files story)

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Title: Blood Ties
Author(s): Dawn (sunrize83)
Date(s): 1999
Length: 419,766 words (complete series)
Genre: MSR, X-File, humor
Fandom: The X-Files
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Blood Ties is an X-Files MSR story and series by Dawn (sunrize83). The series currently consists of 12 finished stories with ratings varying from PG to R. It focuses on Mulder/Scully and a Original Male Character as well as one currently unreleased WIP. It is the winner of eight Silver Sutures Awards.

The 12 complete stories can also be found on Archive of Our Own as of October 18th 2018.[1]


  • Blood Ties (PG-13)

Summary: Upon the death of his mother, Mulder learns a family secret that will change his life forever.

  • Blood Ties 2: Powerless (PG)

Summary: A month has passed since the events in Raleigh, and Mulder isn't coping well. At a loss, Scully calls in Grey with the hope he can help.

  • Blood Ties 3: A Nice Trip to the Forest (PG)

Summary: Something is causing an epidemic of missing persons in the Smoky Mountains. When his good friend attempts to investigate and subsequently disappears, Grey enlists Mulder and Scully's help to search for him. What they find is an X-File.

  • Blood Ties 4: Shredded Hearts (R

Summary: A serial killer mimicking the Paper Hearts murders pushes Mulder to the edge of a breakdown. When Skinner removes him from the case, Grey and Scully talk him into a trip to North Carolina to get his mind off the investigation. The killer, however, has other ideas

  • Blood Ties 5: Legacies (R)

Summary:Grey finally obtains first hand knowledge of the Consortium, and more than one old enemy resurfaces.

  • Blood Ties 6: Strange Bedfellows (PG-13)

Summary:What happens when the person you despise becomes your only hope for saving someone that you love? Grey McKenzie and Bill Scully are about to find out.

  • Blood Ties 7: Gaining Some Perspective (PG-13)

Summary:Mulder and Scullys vacation, as seen through the eyes of three very different observers.

  • Blood Ties 8: The Fragile Cord (PG-13)

Summary:Has Mulder’s somewhat tenuous tether to sanity finally snapped?

  • Blood Ties 9: Entropy and a Simple Little Wedding (PG)

Summary:Mulder and Scully are getting married--but it's not turning out exactly as he'd planned.

  • Blood Ties 10: A Dish Served Cold (PG)

Summary:Eat the dish of revenge cold instead of hot. --Charles Lowe (1885)

  • Blood Ties 11: Evolution (PG)

Summary: A missing child. Two opposing theories. Mulder and Grey face a case that will test the brother bond to its limits. Will they come out stronger? Or be torn apart?

  • Blood Ties 12: by the road we came (PG)

Summary: Mulder's knowledge of alien abductions becomes up close and personal. Can he make the long journey home?

  • Blood Ties 13: Echoes in the Dark --WIP--(R)

Summary: Sometimes the past refuses to stay buried. Currently unreleased.


  • 1999 Purple Heart Award:
    • Best Series (Current) for Blood Ties 4: Shredded Hearts
  • 2003 Silver Sutures Award
    • Best Physical MT Story for Blood Ties 10: A Dish Served Cold
    • Best Psychological MT Story for Blood Ties 8: The Fragile Cord
    • Best Mulder/Scully Story for Blood Ties 11: Evolution
    • Best Adventure Story for Blood Ties 10: A Dish Served Cold
  • 2002 Silver Sutures Award
    • Best Psychological MT Story for Blood Ties 6: Strange Bedfellows
    • Best Humor Story for Blood Ties 9: Entropy and a Simple little Wedding
    • Best Series (Non-Discipline, Non-Slash)
    • Best XFile for Blood Ties 4: Shredded Hearts (Tie with Fog in the Desert by Ten)

Reactions and Reviews

Like I told Dawn, I know this series has been 'recc'ed out the wazoo'. But if I had to pick one series as my favorite, it would probably be this. From the moment I discovered it, I've printed out every word and it now resides in a binder two inches thick. Not only does she write the major characters with the utmost finesse, but her original characters are a true delight to behold. Ah... Grey McKenzie. Picture a slightly older, slightly heavier, smoother (if possible) Mulder with a Carolina drawl. I drool. I melt. I re-read! Over and over and over....[2]


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