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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)Blood Fetish, Bloodplay
Related tropes/genresEdgeplay, Knifeplay, Vampires, Menstrual Sex
See alsoBDSM, Kink
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Blood kink or blood fetish is a kink or preference for blood or bleeding. This kink may take the form of BDSM activities that draw blood, such as cutting, whipping, and other forms of edgeplay. The act of using blood in sexual situations is known as bloodplay. As of June 2021, there are 14255 works in the "Blood Kink" tag on AO3, and 8024 fics in the "Bloodplay" tag.

Blood kink is also relatively common in Vampire AU fanworks. The vampire's feeding may be given intimate, eroticized overtones, or it may explicitly be carried out during sex. These tropes also occur in canon vampire works.

Menstrual sex may also be a form of blood kink if the emphasis is specifically on the blood and/or its perceived tabooness.

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