Blood, Valor, and Victory

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Name: Blood, Valor, and Victory
Owner/Maintainer: Elisa (Ellie) Deyneka
Dates: 1997
Fandom: Xena: The Warrior Princess
URL: (slash) (main)
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Blood, Valor, and Victory was a Xena: Warrior Princess fansite with pictures, essays, fanvids, fanart, wavs (sound files) and links. The link section was sorted by "Joxer Friendly", "Joxer Tolerant" and "Joxer Unfriendly".

The site had a section with links to offsite Joxer/Ares slash fanfic and hosted a few Joxer/Ares stories by REM.

It was linked at Raonaid's Home Page as WindRose's and REM's Joxer/Ares Stories[1] and it was a member of The Fan Artist Webring.

Meta & Fanfic

  • Question One: Why do you like Joxer?
  • Question Two: Is Joxer Sexist?
  • Question Three: Does Joxer add to or subtract from the Xena/Gabrielle relationship?
  • Xena as the Masochistic Ideal
  • Fanfic: "Missing Scene from 'Warrior...Princess...Tramp'"



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