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Name: The Fan Artist Webring
Date Founded: active in 2000
Fandom: multifandom
Focus: fanart
URL: The Fan Artist Webring, WebRing: Navigation (Wayback, 2000)
The Fan Artist Webring Navigation.png

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The Fan Artist Webring was a webring for websites with fanart.

Member Sites

  • Glockgal's Doodles - A huge gallery of fan-art offering X-Peoples, Vertigo-title characters, Homicide:LOTS characters (anime), Star Wars characters (soon!) and original/requested/commissioned characters all drawn by yours truly. Fun for all!
  • The Homepage of Pamela Thalner - This website is primarily a storage house for my artwork, which covers gaming characters, fan art for the X-titles, Star Wars, and miscellanous others, as well as other stuff like my webjournal and fanfic.
  • FrozenRose's Gallery - My site consists of artwork inspired by my various interests, including ElfQuest and science fiction. My interest in figure skating and theatre has also inspired a fictional crossover skating/theatre company, for which there are also drawings. The characters' personalities are brought to life in my%
  • SW Doujinshi - A collection of original Star Wars manga drawings from different artists - does include some yaoi.


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