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Name: The Sirius Black Big Bang
Date(s): February - October 2009
Moderator(s): midnitemaraud_r, mindabbles, and red_squared
Founder: midnitemaraud_r, mindabbles, and red_squared
Type: Big Bang challenge
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: bigbangblackout on LiveJournal
bigbangblackout (mirror) on InsaneJournal
URL: Big Bang Blackout archive
Banner art by remeciel
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BIG BANG BLACKOUT: This time, it's Sirius was a 2009 Big Bang challenge dedicated to the Harry Potter character Sirius Black. It was created to address fandom's need for "more long, illustrated Sirius-centric fanfiction [... and] to ensure that Sirius received the banging attention he so thoroughly deserves."[1]


Submitted fanworks had no specific content requirements other than that they must be Sirius-centric. They could "pair Sirius with anybody and anything -- male, female, animal, mineral, vegetable -- or, for fan-authors and fan-artists of gen, with nobody (or nothing) at all," with the only exception being crossovers, which were not allowed.[2]

The minimum word count for fanfiction was 20,000 words. There was no maximum word count, but all stories were required to be complete and could not remain WIPs.


Big Bang Blackout followed the following timeline:[3]

  • February 23, 2009: Preliminary sign-ups opened.
  • March 9, 2009: Preliminary sign-ups closed.
  • June 29, 2009: Formal sign-ups opened.
  • July 6, 2009: Formal sign-ups closed, drafts due, art requests opened.
  • July 13, 2009: Art assignments sent out.
  • August 24, 2009: Final submissions due.
  • September 7, 2009: Fics and art posted, archive goes live.

Submitted Fanworks

There are twenty-four stories in the archive, written by twenty-three participating authors, and illustrated by twenty-two participating artists. We have plot; we have smut; we have alternative universes, alternative realities, canon-compliance to the letter, and EWE; we have gen-fic, het-fic and slash-fic; but most importantly of all -- we have Sirius Black, in just about every variety possible.[1]

A Beginner's Guide to Being Dead by brighty18, art by littleblackbow
Sirius/Remus, others | Hard R | 38,000 words
Sirius falls through the Veil and dies, meeting his friends and uncles in the Afterlife. As he comes to terms with being dead, he learns that his brother is missing and sets out to find him. This is the story of Sirius' journeys and discoveries in the afterlife.
Beneath the Shadows, Burning Bright by cacklesthewitch, art by glockgal
Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Fabian, others | NC-17 | 30,000 words
Sirius' heart knows what it wants. If only the rest of him could catch on.
Breaking the Cycle by flaminia_x, art by melisus
Sirius/Hermione | NC-17 | 57,000 words
Hermione saves Sirius from the Ministry and from the Veil, but is unable to save any of their other friends after the last battle. Guilt consumes her, and she thinks Sirius hates her. Meanwhile, Sirius hates himself for not being there to save Remus. Can they work out their misunderstandings – and more importantly, can Sirius and Hermione save themselves from the guilt that is eating them alive?
Death on Two Legs by gryffindor_j, art by waccawheels
Sirius/Harry | NC-17 | 22,000 words
EWE. Being dead in the land of the living isn't what one might expect. Sirius discovers that some earthly ties are impossible to break, and there are consequences for flirting with Death.
The Dog and His Boy by rhye, art by deathjunke
Light Sirius/Remus | PG | 32,000 words
After the canon events of October 1981, Sirius is not captures by Aurors. He transforms into his animagus form, and he follows Harry to the Dursleys. Harry grows up with the feisty Padfoot as his best friend and companion and thus, when he is accepted into Hogwarts at his 11th birthday, he refuses to come unless he can bring his dog as his familiar. Once at Hogwarts, Snape is behaving suspiciously and mysteries unfold. Can Padfoot prevent harm from befalling the boy he thinks of as his own son? Does Dumbledore suspect that Padfoot is more than just a dog?
Drawing the Line by chokolattejedi, art by wednesday_ghost
Sirius/Bellatrix | R | 22,000 words
The summer after second year, Sirius joins a group of elite students learning advanced magic from Voldemort's best followers. However, when Bellatrix starts to take on a staring role in Sirius's dreams and another presence starts intruding on his thoughts, Sirius has to find the prophesy he bears and bring it to fruition, before it is too late to save his family and himself.
The Edge of Sanity by chokolattejedi, art by hrymfaxe
Sirius/Remus, others | NC-17 | 31,000 words
Sirius is thrown in Azkaban after confronting Peter about the deaths of the Potters. When the Dementors come for him, he starts reliving the worst moments of his life; from his childhood memories, to his Hogwarts escapades, to his time as an Auror, Sirius journeys through the best and the worst parts of his subconscious.
Grow in the Openings by mindabbles, art by spacefragments
Sirius/Remus, Sirius/Charlie, others | NC-17 | 33,000 words
"He'd woken up this morning, thirty-eight years old, and realized he had no idea how to be anything other then a warrior or a prisoner." Sirius came back from the dead, helped defeat the Dark Lord, and now he's faced with his toughest challenge yet; making a life for himself.
Home by duck_or_rabbit, art by hrymfaxe
James/Regulus; implied Sirius/Remus | R | 26,000 words
Sirius Black found his friends pulling away from him after Year Six at Hogwarts. As far back as he could remember, Sirius' sense of family had been sustained by his friends. One month during the summer holiday forced him to stand on his own before returning to what he could claim as his home.
In the End by dreamdustmama, art by cathybites
Sirius/Remus, James/Lily | NC-17 | 22,000 words
Regulus makes different choices, Peter is still a traitor, and Sirius is changed forever.
Last Writes by nopejr, art by melisus
Gen | R | 24,000 words
Sirius died. Then things got strange.
Le Flambeau Vivant by ceredwensirius, art by wandarer
Sirius/Hermione; Sirius/James/Lily | NC-17 | 54,000 words
At the end of his life, surrounded by the family he made with Hermione, Sirius reviews the mistakes he made that led up to their getting together. Struggling with a past love distorted by his years in Azkaban, he learns to let them go and love again.
Living a Lie by fullmoon_dreams, art by anna_bm
Sirius/Remus, Snape/Lily | R | 27,000 words
A potions accident in fifth year robbed Sirius Black of all his memories of Hogwarts. Two years later, Sirius is still struggling to remember his past and begins to suspect that his entire life is a lie.
London Calling by mific, art by epithalamium002
Sirius/Remus | NC-17 | 23,000 words
It's Punk London and Sirius and Remus are flatmates. Frustrated by his lack of progress with Remus, Sirius becomes the lead singer in a Punk band, and Remus the librarian lusts from the sidelines. But wait, there's more. A West Indian friend with witchy connections and an ample supply of ganja, and Death Eaters in Camden hatching a dastardly plot against Punk Muggle London. Will our heroes save the day and find each other in the process? Read on.
Never Hurt Nobody by clutzycricket, art by mific
Gen | PG | 21,000 words
Partial AU. During Prisoner of Azkaban, two odd strikes of luck make Sirius Black's life a good deal more interesting, and possibly easier. The first is finding a wand. The second is trying to snoop on an annoying Muggle paranormal reporter who ended up assigned to cover a possible conspiracy- his escape. It turns out the reporter's a good deal sharper than she looks, and decides to tag along for the ride.
Not the Model Boy of the Villag by donnaimmaculata, art by massicot
Gen | R | 27,000 words
After witnessing a murder in a graveyard, Sirius and Remus are forced to reconsider their loyalties to Dumbledore and to come up with a plan to keep Harry out of Azkaban.
Palimpsest by forsanethaec, art by [magrat_me]
Sirius/Regulus | NC-17 | 22,000 words
After falling through the veil, Sirius finds himself in a kind of limbo at Number Twelve with only Regulus for company, where he must come to terms with his brother, his life, and his death.
The Prisoner in Azkaban by cherie_morte, art by rosivan
Sirius/Remus, James/Lily | R | 24,000
Sirius Black is struggling to hold onto his sanity. Told through dream sequences and Sirius's point of view, The Prisoner in Azkaban maps Sirius's state of mind during his 12 years of imprisonment.
Rebuilding Block Castles by sopdetly, art by mavoorik
Sirius/Remus, other | R | 38,000 words
A number of chance encounters with an intriguing man named Remus Lupin sets Sirius off on a path to fall in love, and to learn what it is to fight for the people he loves.
Second Life by nwhiker, art by karasu_hime
Sirius/Snape, Sirius/OFC | NC-17 | 54,000 words
What happens when Black and Snape are given a second chance at life.
The Sketchbook by snegurochka_lee, art by venturous1
Sirius/Teddy; past Sirius/Remus, past unrequited Sirius/Harry | NC-17 | 31,000 words
Sketching portraits of Sirius Black had been Teddy's way of avoiding life in the present for years. He never expected one of them would come to life, but then, he might have known that interacting with any kind of magical parchment invented by a Marauder would only open up one epic can of worms.
Tom Jones (A Love Story) by wook77, art by meghan70
Sirius/Remus, other | NC-17 | 24,000 words
The story in which Remus is a street musician, Sirius is a self-important banker that spends more on his coat than Remus makes in a month, James is James, and Peter likes Tom Jones.
Truth of Feelings by pelespen, art by adalanne
Sirius/Hermione | NC-17 | 30,000 words
Their growing friendship was a secret hidden from all, their deeper feelings kept hidden even from each other. Now, forced into hiding together, an even bigger secret will bring everything to light.
Without Fear by remuslives23, art by ladyannikaa
Sirius/Remus | NC-17 | 37,000 words
"You have to know the past to understand the present." – Carl Sagan. Sirius finds a bundle of letters that make him revisit his past – his hopes, his fears, his regrets.


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