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Name: Snegurochka
Alias(es): snegurochka_lee
Type: fan writer, reccer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, etc.
Communities: Quibbler Report, HP Unfaithful
URL: snegurochka_lee at LiveJournal
Snegurochka at AO3
Fanfiction by Snegurochka (personal website; offline)
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Snegurochka is a fan writer and reccer most active in the Harry Potter fandom. She started writing fanfiction in 2004. She describes herself: Harry Potter is my fandom of choice. I write a lot of slash and a lot of kink, but I'll also write pretty much any story that comes into my head.[1]

Fannish History

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Fanfiction by Snegurochka

Fanfiction by Snegurochka Index.jpg

In February 2012, Snegurochka announced that she would be closing her personal website, Fanfiction by Snegurochka, in August: "I'm not leaving fandom, never fear, but since I do archive my fic elsewhere, it's hard to justify paying for that site anymore."[2]

Notable Fanworks


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