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According to Supernatural Wiki, a bibro is a Supernatural fan who loves both Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester equally.

The term was originally created in the context of warring factions of Sam girls vs. Dean girls.[1][2] However, some time after the character of Castiel was introduced and fandom had migrated to Tumblr, the ship war between Wincest and Destiel shippers became a more pressing issue (to the point where some newer fans didn't even know that fans of the past had liked only one brother[3]). Over time, Destiel shippers (and possibly some bibros themselves) started using the term in a more negative sense, defining bibros as fans of Sam and Dean but not Castiel or equating them with anti-Destiel fans.

During a 2016 tumblr discussion about the "true" meaning of bibro, Tumblr user winjennster shared their opinion:

When the term bibro was created, it was created to indicate that someone was a fan of both brothers. At the time, there was a war between the Samgirls and the Deangirls, so if you were a bibro, you were a non-combatant. Unfortunately, some bibros then decided to use the term to indicate that they hate Cas, which is how the term became the derogatory it is now. At it’s heart and origin, being a bibro was a good thing once upon a time.[2]

Indeed, some statements made by self-described bibros on Tumblr do indicate that they have a strong preference for Sam and Dean as the two leads of the show:

So people hate bibro fans because we watch the show for the 2 brothers the show is about ? Not an ensemble cast ? The show is about Sam and Dean . There’s other characters obviously . But all plots involving other characters mostly always circle back to Sam and Dean ? That’s why for conventions just Jared and Jensen have their panel the last day . If it was a ensemble cast or if there were 3 lead characters ..wouldn’t they be in every episode with them and with them for their panel ?[4]

However, other self-described bibros have vehemently disagreed with the attempt to redefine the meaning of the term:

I’m really getting irritated by the use of the term “bibros” by some Destiel shippers. It does NOT mean someone who hates Cas or Misha Collins. It has nothing to do with him. It means someone who loves both brothers equally. It has meant that since the show started when there were Sam fans and Dean fans.[5]


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