Between Black and White (Blake's 7 1986 bootlegged zine)

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Title: Between Black and White
Author(s): see below
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Between Black and White is a Blake's 7 gen story written in 1978 by Ann O'Neill, Christine Knowles, and Pat Thomas.

The story is well-known for several reasons. One is that it is the origin of the fanon that Kerr Avon suffered allergies. The other is that this story was widely bootlegged in a standalone zine.

"Between Black and White" was first published in Spacefall #4 in 1980. That zine also lists three authors: Ann O'Neill, Pat Thomas, and Christine Knowles.

The story was later rewritten by Ann O'Neill and published in Standard by Seven #9 in March 1981. In that zine, the only author listed is Ann O'Neill.

THE ORIGINAL STORY: was one of the first ever pieces of B7 fan fiction, written before 1980 by Patricia Thomas, Ann O'Neil and Catherine Knowles. It first appeared in SPACEFALL No. 4. and was reprinted in 1986 by HORIZON in the zine BEST OF SPACEFALL 1, being one of 2 early B7 stories in this zine. Horizon were selling this as an M duplicated zine, priced £1.75 plus postage FOR THE ENTIRE ZINE.

THE ILLEGAL COPY: printed in America as an A5 booklet, with a red cover (artwork is copied from our front cover of our BEST OF SPACEFALL zine - without the artist's permission or an acknowledgement - Although the story is the same - word for word as far as I can tell (although with more typos!) - the author has miraculously changed from the above mentioned 3 ladies, to 'Keith Black'. This illegal copy comes up as 50 pages, and is being sold at $5.95 plus postage for just this one story. There is no address on the zine itself, or any other information about where it comes.[1]

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Avon's Allergies

Susan R. Williams included this statement in the preface to the story "The Portage" in "Mascarada" about the trope, Avon's Allergies, that began in this zine:


The first person to suggest that Kerr Avon had a sensitized allergy to standard drugs used for purposes of interrogation was Ann O'Neill, in her excellent story, "Between Black and White" (Standard by Seven, Number 9). The idea made such good sense to me at the time that, to my embarrassment, I find I had unconsciously assumed it was part of the "background" established for Kerr Avon in the course of the aired episode. I understand that the idea was original with Ann O'Neill, who has graciously consented to lend the plot device to me for the limited purposes of this story and its eventual conclusion. I feel the richer for it, and wish to thank Ann O'Neill, as well as acknowledge the source of the idea.

Other Directly Bootlegged Blake's 7 Zines

These are bootlegs that were specifically reprinted using a different "author," and sold for profit.

At least two of them were bootlegged by "Keith Black," and it is likely the other three were as well.

Some Covers of the Bootlegged Zine by "Keith Black"


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