Oracle (Blake's 7 resource zine)

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Title: Oracle
Editor(s): Carole Fairman
Date(s): 1979/1980
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Oracle is a Blake's 7 resource zine by Carole Fairman.

It was an episode guide to the first three seasons of the show.

Oracle was conceived and originally printed by Carole Fairman (SEVENERS), who then passed the rights on to HORIZON, who reprinted twice as A4 duplicated, then once as an A4 professionally printed and once as an A5 professionally printed booklet. The first printing was around 1979/1980, and the last OFFICIAL reprint (ie. by HORIZON) was in December 1986. It is 74 pages long, with a beautiful photo collage cover (9 photos) and containing many photos inside also. Horizon is currently charging £2.00 plus postage for this. Oracle is an info guide on the first 3 seasons of B7, with biogs, interviews, information, letters, etc. from & about the cast and BBC crew who worked on seasons 1,2 & 3. HORIZON HAVE NEVER, NOR WILL WE EVER pass this permission on to anyone else to reprint.

Later Bootlegged

See much more at The 1988 Blake's 7 Bootlegged Zines Discussion.

It was discovered in late 1988 that this zine had been bootlegged by a company in the US. From the Horizon Newsletter:

The bootleg has been copied from the Horizon print run, so we will only use this as a basis for the description.

THE BOOTLEG: looks identical to ours - they have copied from one of our zines the actual photo collage cover (which suffers in the transition, as they are copying copies of copied photos!!) The contents page actually acknowledges Carole Fairman AND HORIZON, but then goes on to say: "3rd professional reprint December 1987 - cover & interior photos are copyright to the BBC, or telepics copyright individual photographers". The bootleg zines are all typed using a double column per page, whereas HORIZON print straight across the page. (And always have our address on our zines, of course).

PHOTOS/ARTWORK - the bootleg has 7 photos inside, plus copies of original FX diagrams by Ian Scoones. Our original has 26 photos inside. Our photos all relate to the text (eg. photos of Jan Chappell/Cally next to the Jan Chappell interview/biography; photo of Liberator next to Plat Irvine information, etc.) The bootleg photos appear with no rhyme or reason, however. Next to the Terry Nation interview is a photo of Soolin, and under the Paul Darrow section is a 4th Series crew pose - this in a zine specifically only relating to Series 1,2 & 3! In the middle of & after the Jacqueline Pearce interview are 2 photos of Jenna and Cally, and a photo of Avon and Blake in the middle of the Josette Simon interview.

AN ADDRESS... Possibly the most interesting thing in this bootleg copy of ORACLE is the last page - but one. This page gives an address to order all the other bootlegged things, plus other B7 material. It list's BETWEEN BLACK 4 WHITE, SANCTION, OMNIBUS VOLS. 1 & 2 plus other 'legal' merchandise available through them. SPECIAL OFFER - any 2 B7 fanzines for $11, 3 for $16 or 4 for only $20 plus postage, (or only $9.60 if you bought them from-HORIZON!)

It then says: to order from this list, send a check or money order at the above prices plus $2.00 for shipping and handling. Thank you. BLAKES SEVEN OFFER, P0 BOX 652a, DUNLAP, TN 37327, U.S.A."


Other Directly Bootlegged Blake's 7 Zines

These are bootlegs that were specifically reprinted using a different "author," and sold for profit.

At least two of them were bootlegged by "Keith Black," and it is likely the other three were as well.


  1. Horizon Newsletter #21 (December 1988)