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Title: Sanction
Author(s): see below
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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Sanction is a gen 54-page novel supposedly by Keith Black. It is actually a bootleg of story by Linda Webb-Taylor, from Spacefall 5 and Best of Spacefall.

From Horizon Newsletter:

THE ORIGINAL STORY: ... one of the earliest B7 fan stories, written by Linda Webb-Taylor also before 1980. It first appeared in SPACEFALL 5, and was later reprinted by HORIZON in BEST OF SPACEFALL 1 in 1986, due to be prof. reprinted in an A5 booklet by ourselves when all this bootlegging was discovered.

THE ILLEGAL COPY: again, the correct author's name has been replaced with that of 'Keith Black', but otherwise - again - the story has been copied word for word from the original, without permission, but missing out a crucial paragraph (presumably by accident!) It is printed as an A5 booklet with a yellow cover, and this time the front cover has been copied from the BACK COVER of BEST OF SPACEFALL 1. The artist this time is Jo Blackie - again, artist not credited but she too signs her work, and you can just make out her signature on the front. This says it is 52 pages long, but in fact pages 1,2,3,4,6,8,29,30-, & 32 are blank, and pages 5,7 & 31 are just titles. Again, $5.95 plus postage.

In case anyone still hasn't worked it out, whoever is printing these has a) fraudulently altered the authors' names b) reprinted copyrighted work without permission c) taken not-for-profit fan fiction and illegally reprinted it for profit (quite a large profit as you can see!) [1]

See much more at The 1988 Blake's 7 Bootlegged Zines Discussion.

Other Directly Bootlegged Blake's 7 Zines

These are bootlegs that were specifically reprinted using a different "author," and sold for profit.

At least two of them were bootlegged by "Keith Black," and it is likely the other three were as well.



  1. Horizon Newsletter #21 (December 1988)